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Your Guide to UK Bedding Sizes

UK Bedding Sizes

It’s a situation we’ve all been in. You’re admiring a beautiful set of bed linen but can’t remember the size of your bed. Or perhaps you’ve been trying to fit a fitted sheet over the mattress which won’t quite give and you’re wondering if it’s a size too small. No matter the reason you find yourself here, we’ve put a guide together for you to make sure problems with bed linen measurements are a thing of the past - all you’ll need is your tape measure.


UK Bedding Sizes

Single Bed Linen

Double Bed Linen

King Size Bed Linen

Super King Bed Linen

Emperor Bed Linen

135 x 140 cm

140 x 200 cm

225 x 220 cm

260 x 220 cm

290 x 235 cm

Single Bed Linen Size

A single bed is the smallest size of bed we sell at French Bedroom. Perfectly suited to children or those that are looking for a cosy space to unwind in, single beds offer a convienient, space saving bed space. Snuggle up with your beautifully dressed duvet by making sure you always choose bed linen measuring at 140 x 200cm.

Double Bed Linen Size

A double bed is the ideal size for couples who have smaller rooms or solo sleepers who like that bit of extra room! Make sure your double bedding is the standard size of 135 x 140cm for the perfect fit.

King Size Bed Linen Size

There’s no need to fight for corners when you have a king size duvet. The bed linen used to dress a king-sized bed will always measure 225 x 220cmm, which is the perfect size for those who are taller than average – no more cold toes!

Super King Bed Linen Size

The abundance of space a super king bed gives makes it perfect for couples who like their space whilst they sleep. A super king bed requires bed linen measuring 260 x 220cm, meaning it is also the perfect size for those who are taller.

Large Emperor Bed Linen Size

The largest bed sold in the UK is a large emperor bed and the beautiful bed linen used to dress this bed will measure an incredible 290 x 235cm – the perfect size to get all the family under the covers for a Sunday movie.

UK Ben Linen Size Guide

Fitted Sheet Sizes

You can always use the size of your mattress to work out the size of fitted sheet you need, as these measurements will always match. Head over to our guide to UK mattress sizes which explains the size of each mattress.


Fitted Sheet Sizes

Single Size Bed

Double Size Bed

King Size Bed

Super King Size Bed

Emperor Size Bed

W90 x D30 x L190 cm

W135 x D30 x L190 cm

W150 x D30 x L200 cm

W180 x D30 x L200 cm

W215 x D30 x L215 cm


UK Fitted Sheet Size Guide

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