France is known for being deliciously romantic; from the alluring accent to the French kiss and playing host to the City of Love, Paris. There is something that makes you fall in love instantly when it comes to France, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner; now is the perfect time to create an ultra-romantic vibe in the bedroom. We have put together some ideas to help you bring the love, or should we say l'amour, to your bedroom.

Luxury Bedding

The best place to start with creating a romantic vibe in the bedroom is with the bedding. Luxury bed sheets can really add that special feeling to the bedroom this Valentine’s day and we recommend going for something silky and luxurious. We absolutely love the St Tropez Mulberry Silk Bed Linen by Gingerlily, not only is this bedding chic and sophisticated, it is ultra-romantic too. Made from the finest quality of A-Grade Mulberry silk, this gorgeous luxurious bedding set is designed with pure white with a navy blue trim. Or for something that goes that little bit further, why not try it in Vintage pink. The gorgeous dusty vintage pink is pretty and romantic, whilst retaining elegance. The perfect bedding sets to pair with your luxury Vispring mattress for your Valentine.

Candles and Lighting

When we think about romance, we think about dim seductive lighting and lots of lit candles. Low light helps our body to relax and feel a sense of calm, therefore the key to helping create ambiance in your bedroom is through getting the lighting just right. The draw of candlelight, along with an alluring aroma, is the perfect combination to create a romantic setting. We absolutely love our Casafina range, not only do they smell amazing – they look gorgeous too with a luxurious combination of black and gold.  The Gardenia & Tuberose Large Triple Wick Luxury Candle is stunning. Scented with floral notes of the most gloriously-fragranced flowers from an English summer garden, it will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. We would always suggest choosing lamps for lighting to help create a relaxing atmosphere, The Serenity Tall Silver Glass Table Lamp brings exactly what its name says, an is the perfect addition to your French boudoir – team these with candles for the ultimate romantic vibe!

The Serenity Tall Silver Glass Table Lamp. A serene and elegant hand-blown glass table lamp with a fluted glass base with a gentle mottled mercury effect finish.


Exclusive to us, the Soho Black Velvet Bed is hand made in the UK by a family firm specialising in the manufacture of luxury beds since the 1920s.

The bed itself can really help transform a typical bedroom into a luxury romantic retreat. When it comes to Valentine’s, we think sleek and sensuous and the Soho Black Velvet Bed brings just that. Somewhat bringing an air of mystery, the luxurious jet-black bed is handmade with brass gold studs – the perfect addition to any bedroom. Or for something a little more extravagant and opulent, why not try the Palais de Versailles Sacré Bleu Velvet Bed. Royal and ridiculously romantic, this bed is perfect for helping create that romantic setting for you and your partner. Designed by us, this stunning bed is strikingly decadent and helps create an alluring and evocative French style bed.


Accessories are the finishing touches that really add the icing on the cake to your romantic-Valentine’s bedroom. Begin with Vases, and fill with a dozen red roses. Roses are known for being the ultimate Valentine’s day flower, and the Ubuntu Large Vase is perfect for hosting them.  This large-scale female form vase is a striking statement piece, whilst also evoking a laid-back aesthetic. It spectacularly celebrates the curves, angles, and elegant shape of the female body. It pairs perfectly with the Brush Strokes Nude Sketch. Another showstopper, this piece of art again follows the curves of the glorious female form and helps create a stunning bedroom.