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Get the romantic French look with our Stylists' Tips, meet the French Bedroom designers and artisans, or use our handy Shopping Guides to help you choose your forever bedroom.

Our Aftercare Guides will help you ensure your investment pieces will be enjoyed by your children and your children's children.

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  1. Your Guide To UK Bed Linen Sizing

    Your Guide To UK Bed Linen Sizing

    It’s a situation we’ve all been in. You’re admiring a beautiful set of bed linen but can’t remember the size of your bed. Or perhaps you’ve been trying to fit a fitted sheet over the mattress which won’t quite give and you’re wondering if it’s a size too small. No matter the reason you find […]

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  2. Your Guide to UK Mattress Sizing

    Your Guide to UK Mattress Sizing

    Finding the correct size mattress is important but can be confusing as there are no international standard sizes. The differences between British, European and American mattress sizes are slight, but crucially important when considering bed frame, mattress, duvet, and bed linen too. To ensure you get the right size mattress for your bed we’ve put […]

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  3. Your Guide to UK Bed Sizes

    Your Guide to UK Bed Sizes

    All our lovely beds at French Bedroom fit a standard UK size mattress, which should make things nice and easy when choosing one of our gorgeous beds! In the UK, the size of your bed will depend on the size of the mattress it holds. The bed frame will vary in size dependent on its […]

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  4. Romantic Reveries, Volume 31

    Romantic Reveries, Volume 31

    January is design month and 4am starts in January always mean sourcing trips to Paris for the bi-annual Maison de Objet show.  It’s the destination for all things new in interiors; a melange of soft furnishings, lighting, furniture, and a hotspot for emerging trends. It’s a fast-paced 15,000 steps of visual stimulation for interior designers and […]

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  5. How to Dress a Bed

    How to Dress a Bed

    How to Dress a Bed Making your bed is one of life’s little pleasures. Whether it’s a quick tuck in the morning before work or a careful picking out of colours and cushions for a new style, there’s nothing like stepping back and revelling in how beautiful your room looks with the bed made. It’s […]

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  6. Romantic Reveries, Volume 30

    Romantic Reveries, Volume 30

    As we prepare to close the doors on 2023 and gaze ahead to a new year filled with exciting challenges, we reflect on a busy time at French Bedroom HQ, both for our business and for the team in their personal lives. 2023 saw the expansion of our team and with this, the expansion of […]

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  7. Embracing Minimaluxe: Where Minimalism Meets Luxury.

    Embracing Minimaluxe: Where Minimalism Meets Luxury.

    Join us for our latest exploration of bedroom styles, where we delve into the enchanting world of “minimaluxe” – a style that beautifully merges minimalism with luxury. Here at French Bedroom, we believe your bedroom should be a sanctuary that reflects both simplicity and opulence. This unique style is not just a design trend; it’s […]

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  8. French Bedroom Stands With Ukraine: Two Years On

    French Bedroom Stands With Ukraine: Two Years On

    Almost two years have passed since the outbreak of war, yet it is still unimaginable to think of the incredible hardship those who call Ukraine home are going through. French Bedroom stands with Ukraine, and from day one we have condemned the brutality they have faced. In turn, we have been amazed and heartened by […]

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  9. Romantic Reveries, Volume 29

    Romantic Reveries, Volume 29

    As we say farewell to November and look forward to the upcoming festivities, we reflect on a month that fused creativity and activity at French Bedroom HQ. Our team have been hard at work behind the scenes to plan and execute a wonderfully creative photoshoot, bursting with new products that we are so looking forward […]

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  10. Making Your Treasures Last Forever

    Making Your Treasures Last Forever

    Sustainability is at the heart of French Bedroom. Reusing, repurposing, and recycling is our passion – the whole team loves to get crafty, thinking of imaginative ideas to keep our goodies lasting longer, and more importantly, looking after our planet. We’ve pulled together a list of our favourite projects to get stuck into, repurposing some […]

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