We all know Parisian style is synonymous with effortless chic, but is effortless every truly without effort? The careful-yet-carefree styling is what characterises a Parisian’s breath-taking apartment; it appears that they’ve casually thrown some pieces together and created a perfect palace - but don’t be fooled!

There are select elements that have been taken into careful consideration in order to create such a divine boudoir. Read on to find out how to channel your inner Parisian in your own home.

Pick The Perfect Bed

The bed is the most important part of your bedroom, so it’s important to choose wisely. Haussmann buildings (typical in Paris) tend to be on the smaller side, so opting for a simple yet elegant base is wise. This allows room for other accessories, such as coffee tables, chairs, and gorgeously patterned rugs.

Luxury French Beds come in all shapes and sizes, so opt for a sleek upholstered bed or a simple wooden headboard with delicate carvings to keep up the carefully curated, carefree feel that all Parisian apartments boast.

Choose A Neutral Palette

Parisian apartments are notoriously small. To give the illusion of a larger space, resident Parisians often opt for white walls which helps to maximise the effect of natural light. Walls that are light and bright make a room feel open and airy, as opposed to dark colours that absorb light.

Top tip: to maximise this illusive effect, opt for eggshell or satin paint. Light will bounce off the semi-reflective surface, making your room feel even more spacious!

Your bedsheets should follow suit. Opt for luxury bed linen in light colours such as white or beige. Parisians often boast a laid-back style when it comes to dressing their beds, so stick to simple sheets in order to allow your other treasures to do the real talking. Nonetheless, plain sheets don’t have to be boring!

Embody the luxury that Parisians thrive off with high quality cotton, silk, or linen. To recreate a Parisian’s bed dress, we advise a set with a high thread count. Our Boutique 400 Egyptian Cotton Luxury White Bed Linen Set is best for winter. Switch to 100% linen bed sheets in the summer months to stay cooler (we’re currently loving the Lisbon Bed Linen in Ivory).

Use Mirrors To Create Space

As mentioned above, Parisian apartments are 'petit', so the occupants are often looking for ways to create the feel of space without the physical footage. Blessed with the original features of Haussman buildings, apartments in Paris tend to have tall French windows which are perfect for allowing light in to bounce off their bright white walls.

Strategically using mirrors is another way to help give the illusion of space. A perfectly placed gold gilt mirror propped above a fireplace or placed either side of their bed frame (we love using the Arabesque Taupe Wall Mirror for this) not only looks incredibly chic, but gives the light more opportunities to bounce, creating an additional ‘faux’ window! The Hall of Mirrors in Chateau de Versailles is perfect inspiration for this delectable aesthetic. 

Make Your Mark With Wall Art

Parisians love to make their unique mark on their homes using a careful curation of artwork and accessories, such as scattered coffee table books, colourful flowers, and statement vases.

No two Paris apartments will ever look the same due to the worldly accessories the occupants choose to use, so don’t be afraid to get playful with eclecticism, mix the old with the new, visit car boots and even hop on Ebay! You never know what treasures you may find.

Artwork also heavily features throughout their apartments, so choose a piece or two that really suits your style. We’d opt for the Brush Strokes Nude Sketch which is a real statement piece, despite being delicate linework. Alternatively, our Portrait of Chimpspeare Printed Canvas has a true museum feel to it, making it a talking point for friends and family as well as a beautiful piece to hang proudly on your wall.

Tie It All Together

You’ve got the luxury bedding, and the French furniture, but how to make it unified? Something as simple as a carefully chosen rug can tie everything together beautifully, and Parisians are well aware of this!

Classic Haussmann buildings typically have herringbone oak floors which, although beautiful, can be rather cold and impractical. To unify the room, carefully pick a soft toned rug in a complementary colour and watch everything come together beautifully. Moroccan style rugs often feature in a typical Parisian apartment and they’re perfect for embodying the eclecticism that Parisians do so well.

An accent chair is also a common feature in a Parisian bedroom. This could be a sofa, chaise longue, or just a simple corner chair – the point is to have somewhere you can rest that isn’t the bed.

Creating a nice reading nook by draping some patterned rugs over a rattan chair, such as our Chateauneuf Rustic Rattan Chair and Birds & Blossom Kantha Throw. Scatter some books on a nearby coffee table and voila! You’ve easily created a stylish and relaxing place to be in your bedroom that isn’t the bed.

Don’t forget to look up! Unify the room with a chandelier – they’re perfect for adding interest and elegance, and shows that no detail was spared when curating your perfect Parisian style bedroom.  We especially adore the Chambery Chandelier, which also comes in a petite version for those who have less space.

Follow these tips to create your own perfectly styled Parisian bedroom, and don’t forget, if you’re struggling to go from bed to bedroom, we offer free personal styling – just get in touch at [email protected]!