From Pantone’s Viva Magenta to Tiktok’s latest Lovecore trend, at the start of 2023 we’re seeing the emergence of fashion and interior trends that use a plethora of pink, red, cherry and magenta, often combined with visual motifs of romance and affection.  Now we’re asking ourselves: Is 2023 is the year of pink?  And if Lovecore is not to our liking, how can we add some ‘amour’ to our interiors in a more traditional romantic style?

Lovecore is an aesthetic that embraces hyper-femininity, with a persistent use of pink, hearts, flowers and other nostalgic representations of love.  If this is not your cup of rose petal tea but you still enjoy romantic French interiors, you may want to try the lesser-known trend of Romancecore.  Read on to find out what are the characteristics of Romancecore, and how to weave them into your existing interior schemes without going full “romance-aholic”.

What is Romancecore?

Romancecore is all about understated luxury.  Natural materials such as organic cotton, linen, and silk combine with floral or embroidered details for a whisper of femininity. Rustic or distressed bedside tables, chests of drawers, and other wooden furniture add romantic nostalgia and an air of pared-back elegance. Finally, accents of gold or silver, often incorporated with accessories bring a smattering of traditional luxury.

The room palette is typically muted; think ivory and taupe with tones of duck egg blue, or cream and pale yellow with a smattering of pink.  If it looks like it belongs in the Bridgerton family home, it belongs in a Romancecore bedroom.

Our favourite Romancecore bedroom ideas

Embrace Romance With a Luxury Upholstered Bed

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, and a floral upholstered bed is the heart of Romancecore.  Choose plain linens to allow the patterned upholstery to take centre stage, then layer with quilted blankets and bedspreads and matching cushions.  The gentle curves on the headboard of our Windsor Garden Floral Upholstered Bed adds an extra note of romance, while the elegant damask-like print could be straight out of Bridgerton; inspired as it is by the décor of historic stately homes.

Pair Relaxed Romance With Gustavian Furniture

The original ‘shabby chic’ furniture, Gustavian style is a unique blend of French & Scandi that creates an air of pared-back elegance. With its gently distressed paintwork in neutral tones of cream, taupe and white, as well as such delicate details as hand-carved fluting, it pairs perfectly with Romancecore aesthetics.

Our Avenue Montaigne collection of Gustavian furniture incorporates versatile and timeless style into your home with ease.

Add Opulent Romance With a Gold French Mirror

No Romancecore bedroom is complete without a glimmer of gold from a French full length mirror, or glass from a French chandelier.  The key here is to keep it simple.  As the rest of the décor is low-key, a touch of metallic shimmer can enhance a romantic aesthetic but too much will make it feel cluttered, or worse, kitsch.  Opt for a pair of teardrop mirrors in distressed gold to bring light and tranquillity to your space.

If gold is too glitzy for your style, consider a classic French chandelier.  There is nothing like cut glass to inspire romance and add instant luxury to every room.

How will you create your own Romancecore look?  Discover our range of luxury French beds and British made beds (look out for the union jack symbol!)

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