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Styled By You

We love to see your French Bedroom furniture and accessories in their new home, and how you've styled them.
(We also love to see the four-legged companions who'll enjoy them with you too!)

Tag us or use our hashtag: @FrenchBedroom #MyFBStyle

@bathtubsandbuttercups styles an ultra cosy, cushion-filled corner with our Mongolian Sheepskin Cushion in Ivory and Powder Pink, our Flapper Fringe Champagne Gold Cushion and our Rose Piglet Faux Fur Throw
Louise's home is a breath of fresh sophistication! Our new Chantilly Ruffle Velvet Cushion in Oyster and Popcorn Clouds Faux Fur Ivory Throw showcasing style and comfort.
Tis' the season! Kelly has brought out her Silent Night Toile Bed Linen Set. The room is aglow in bright, white holiday magic.
Every Alice deserves an Alice Ruffle Cushion in Pale Pink. Paired with our Lily Lace Cloud 500 Bed Linen Set, it's like a match made in comfort heaven.
Who's ready to unwind? Our Plushious Deep Fawn Cotton Velvet Quilted Bedspread seamlessly blends with Holly's neutral palette, creating a haven of comfort.
A beautifully festive look created by @homesideof style with our La Chapelle French Style Full Length Mirror.
This perfect winter bedroom brings warmth to our hearts, thanks to our La Chapelle French Style Full Length Mirror with the Platinum Flapper Fringe Cushion and the sumptuous Mimi Faux Fur Throw
A cosy bedroom look created by @ourlittlebrickcottage with our Plushious Deep Fawn Cotton Velvet Quilted Bedspread and Oli Ruffle Oatmeal Linen Cushion
We adore this sweet child's bedroom, complete with our Sundar Scallop White Jute Rug.
We love this gorgeous cosy look that has been created with our Champagne Gold Flapper Fringe Cushion and the Mimi Faux Fur Throw in Hazelnut Brown.
Nikki's room with our Palais Royal Avenue Linen Upholstered Bed is pure elegance, fit for royalty. The golden accents add a special touch, making it truly stunning.
Nikki's styling of our Palais Royal Avenue Linen Upholstered Bed in white neutrals and white blooms has transformed this room into a vision of pure beauty.
Our Madeleine White Chandelier - a flawless fusion of modern elegance that harmonizes effortlessly with the sage green walls and furniture in this home!
Could you imagine a cosier room than this? Our Popcorn Clouds Faux Fur Throw in Louise's room is like an invitation to unwind in luxurious comfort. It's simply irresistible!
Amour French Armchair in the corner of this room looks so classy! With a neutral cushion and a white bedside, it makes this corner incredibly inviting.
Soft neutrals and our Vignette Bed , a match made in design heaven. The result? A bedroom that's effortlessly chic and undeniably pretty.
Our Swags & Bows Large Mirror has transformed this room into a space of refined beauty.
Sally & Neil
Sally and Neil have transformed their space with our products from our Amour Collection and their elegant purple styling is the epitome of sophistication.
Totes in love! It was a pleasure to meet Lucy at Grand Designs last week and we're so happy that you're enjoying our Toile Liberté Tote Bag .
Our Palais de Versailles Damask Sofa is the heart of Amanda's cosy, pumpkin-spiced haven, surrounded by fall-themed decorations.
Bubbles is loving his new Ma Petit Douceur Pet Bed It's the perfect fit for our little sausage dog.
How absolutely elegant does our Delphine Distressed Painted Bedside Table and chair look in Jade's room? It's a touch of sophistication that complements her style perfectly.
What a pairing! Our Provençal Classic White French Armoire and Normandy Rattan Painted Luxury French Bed look amazing in this room! The combination is not just pretty; it's pure elegance and charm.
Wow, everything's a rosy dream! Louise has transformed her room into a pink paradise with our Cotswold Garden Petal Pink Reversible Bedspread and Pillow Sham Set. Fit for a princess!
Our fluffy friend has found their cosy haven in our Posh Pooch Pink Pet Bed .
Oh she is a Princess isn't she! Milah looks so elegant and comfy already in her brand-new Ma Petit Douceur Pet Bed – an absolute vision of royalty!
Ooh la la! Our Wooden Beads Large Waterfall Pendant Light styled in perfect harmony with this intricately carved ceiling.
A gilded masterpiece! Our Palais de Versailles Mummy Gold Gilt Chair and the regal gold mirror make the perfect pairing.
Pure class! Our Portrait of Chimpspeare Printed Canvas strikes the perfect chord against the chic black backdrop, complemented by the vibrant orange blooms for that exquisite accent!
Ooh là là, a truly French bedroom! The Breton Woven Stripe Cushion and matching blanket , artfully paired with the Romance Ruffle Cotton Bed Linen Set , create a scene straight from a Parisian dream.
Ian Parry
Ian's all set for autumn! This space is styled stunningly with orange and brown accents, and our La Chapelle French Style Mirror ? It's the cherry on top, pulling the entire room together in gorgeous style!
Kimberley from SwoonworthyScents worked her magic with our Mulberry Silk Soft Pink Striped Ruffle Boudoir Cushion , perfectly blending it into her dreamy pink-themed room. It's all about that cosy, chic charm!
Wow. Sarah has mastered it by pairing our Lit d'Amour Linen Upholstered Bed and L'Amour 2-Drawer Bedside Table . It's the ultimate combo that brings a feminine, pretty, and oh-so-refreshing vibe to the room!
Our Wildflower Quilted Bedspread graces this room with beauty, and the matching blooms make it a picturesque scene. It's a statement of charm, adding a touch of femininity and sweetness. Jadore!
How cosy is this! Our Mimi cushions, bedspread and the Petit Breton Stripe Fitted Sheet in Sand complementing each other.
Absolutely captivated by this enchanting scene! Their exquisite styling of our Chateauneuf collection: Chateauneuf Rustic Rattan French Bed and Chateauneuf Rustic Single Drawer Bedside Table has transported us to an exotic rainforest oasis!
Our friends at Graham & Brown have perfectly paired our Chateauneuf Rustic Rattan French Bed and with its matching Chateauneuf Rustic Single Drawer Bedside Table . It simply radiates magnificence in this beautiful garden room!
Our Amortie Luxury Quilted Bed Linen Set in Pink beautifully styled in Gemma's home! So pretty in pink!
Getting Autumn ready! How serene and inviting! Our Morning Mist Bedspread and Morning Mist Sage Damask Square Cushion Cover is perfectly paired with the neutral colours in this cosy room.
Isn't this just adorable? Our furry friend snuggling up in the Posh Pooch Pink Pet Bed
Getting Autumn ready with our Normandy Rattan Painted Low Footboard Luxury Bed , surrounded by the rich, earthy tones of the season.
Jayne Powney
Look who's found the perfect spot to curl up in! Our Lit d'Amour Low Footboard Linen Upholstered Bed , brings an air of elegance, softness, and charm to any room.
Pattern paradise! We're absolutely smitten with how our The Tree of Life Pink Cotton Quilted Bedspread effortlessly harmonizes with the room's styling.
Gerogia Cons
Lost in the enchantment of Chateau de France! Our Windsor Rug , Windsor Garden Floral Square Cushion and dresses gracing this heavenly setting embody timeless beauty.
Just look at Noodles the dog, all snuggled up next to our Oli Ruffle Oatmeal Linen Cushion. A picture of pure comfort that warms both hearts and paws.
Every detail of this image whispers lullabies of comfort and joy. We adore how Kelly styles our Ottilie Cushion in Sage, and Morning Mist Sage Damask Square Cushion Cover, with the Peter Rabbit Bed Linen Set
Siobhan Eversfield
The spotlight belongs to our French Romance Oatmeal Linen Upholstered Bed. Stealing the scene in this captivating image!
Our Palais de Versailles Gold Gilt Dressing Table shines magnificently in this room. Against the backdrop of painted wallpaper, it's like a glimpse of the Renaissance brought to life.
Our Normandy Rattan Painted, Low Footboard Luxury Bed stealing the show in this house! That lovely contrast with the sunny yellow wallpaper is just pure perfection
Pure royalty! Tina has transformed this amazing room into a Palace suite, with our Palais Royal Avenue Linen Upholstered Bed.
Lost in comfort! Our Normandy Rattan Painted, Low Footboard Luxury Bed feels like a dream in this cosy haven.
Reflections of beauty! Admiring our Wooden Beads Large Waterfall Pendant Light in this stunning mirror shot.
Look who's loving the spotlight ! Dizzie Rascal strikes a pose in front of our Palais Royal Avenue Linen Upholstered Bed A room fit for royalty!
What a glowing centrepiece! Our Glorious Gilt Mirror beautifully styled lightening up the room and adding a touch of opulence and warmth!
We adore the styling of our Chateauneuf Rustic Rattan French Bed by Stanwell House Hotel! Infusing their exquisite hotel rooms with a vibrant tapestry of colour, beauty, and vitality.
See how Stanwell House Hotel have styled our best-selling Chateauneuf Rustic Rattan French Bed, which takes centre stage, radiating a timeless and enduring charm.
This setting is just flawless! Victoria has brilliantly combined our Embroidered Crown Cushion and Queen Anne's Lace Bedside Lamp to enhance her beautiful and cheerful summer-themed interior.
We absolutely adore how our Sweet Dreams Golden Wall Mirror complements Abi's home with its perfect blend of gold, brown, and green interior!
What a stunning sight! The Avenue Montaigne 2-Door Cabinet adds such elegance to Kelly's home. It's the ideal place to showcase a lovely bouquet of flowers.
How mesmerizing is this! Annie flawlessly incorporates our exquisite Peacock Art Deco Gold Fire Screen into her chic home decor. The abundance of gold is truly enchanting and we adore it!
Just look at Grace's enchanting set up of our Wooden Beads Large Waterfall Pendant Light above the bath and that stunning view... How divine!
So elegant! Those gorgeous flowers in our Festoon Grecian Urn create such a captivating centrepiece. C'est sublime!
Pain au chocolat stop anyone? Our beautiful founder and creative director Georgia, looking absolutely stunning in our Windsor patterned dress and Windsor More Than A Tote Bag .
How heavenly! Our beautiful Provencal Sassy White French Bed seamlessly complements the elegance of Bridget's gorgeous room.
Its giving summer chic! Our lovely customer is pic nic ready with her Windsor More Than A Tote Bag.
@ameliapstewart & @rosiemcleodd
Georgia and the girls stealing the show at Chelsea in Bloom! Wearing the prettiest Windsor Garden patterned dresses, hair bands and our matching Windsor More Than A Tote Bag Jadore!
@Josiemaysmith & @holly_yates_
We're adoring the blossoming fashion of Holly's and Josie's print dresses!
Wow! Emma is Chelsea Flower Show ready in her blue floral dress, perfectly complemented by the pairing of our Windsor More Than A Tote Bag
On Wednesdays we wear... dresses with matching phone cases! Match with us with a Windsor More Than A Tote Bag
Lana caught our eye with her beautiful floral top which she's beautifully paired with our Windsor More Than A Tote Bag
Gorgeous shot of our Chelsea Flower Show Ticket winner @cazbaird, with our Windsor More Than A Tote Bag
Another stunning customer adorning our Windsor More Than A Tote Bag, fully embracing the essence of summer!
Struck by Holly's flawless style, as she effortlessly enhances our exclusive Windsor More Than A Tote Bag. Getting ready to bloom at the Chelsea Flower Show!
So heartwarming so see Hudson cozying up on our irresistible Chai Latte Block Print Bedspread , embracing the comfort with pure affection.
Gorgeous styling on our beautifully hand crafted Chateauneuf Rustic Rattan French Bed
Our Midsummer Night's Dream Chandelier gracefully adorns this stunning home, adding a touch of timeless French chic.
Indulge in the unparalleled coziness of our exquisite Petal Pink Peachskin Bedspread in Tredarrup Holiday Cottages.
Our Vignette Linen Upholstered Bed adds a soft touch of French elegance to a modern room, pairing nicely with other white furniture.
The neutral design palette is a timeless classic, with our No Hassel Tassel Cushion taking centre stage.
This is such a beautiful shot from @ktheinteriorwarrior, with our Palais Royal Avenue Linen Upholstered Bed featuring in the background.
@homeonthehey has styled their classic French bedroom with help from our French White Cotton Quilted Bedspread & Pillow Sham Set. J'adore.
We love the elegance and romance that our Love Story Olive Velvet Upholstered Finial Bed brings to Greystone Cottages. The beautifully carved oak framework and the rich olive velvet creates a unique statement piece.
Greystone Cottages pair our Chateauneuf Rustic Rattan French Bed with soft colours of nature bringing the cosiness of Spring into the bedroom.
Who's up for a tea party? Even our adorable companions appear comfortable lounging in our Chateauneuf Upholstered Rustic French Armchair.
Spring has arrived! Our Morning Dew Blue Damask Reversible Bedspread and Sham Set adds sophistication and a refreshing feel to this room, making it perfect for the spring season.
Sally and Neil
With the addition of our Love Story Blue Velvet Upholstered French Bed, Sally and Neil have infused a touch of French elegance into this room, resulting in a stunning transformation that exudes both comfort and tranquility.
Our adorable Dalmatian friend has found his perfect spot on our Love Story Mole Velvet Upholstered French Bed to snuggle and snooze.
Time to unwind and snuggle up in our Petit Breton Stripe Bed Linen Set in Sand
Our wonderfully romantic Provencal Heart Top White Mirror is styled beautifully in @aleseamaries boudoir, alongside our Provencal Ruched Chest of Drawers.
Bright, light and welcoming. Our Wooden Beads Large Waterfall Pendant Light creates a gorgeous feature in @champagne_and_ginger_ kitchen dining area.
Georgianna-Lane has styled our Avenue Montaigne Petite Bedside Table beautifully in her home, with touches of gold and marble for a look of pure French elegance.
An image of plush opulence by @oldhouseourhome with our Palais de Versailles Gold Gilt Dressing Table. Gold gilt design straight from 18th Century France.
Our Normandy Rattan Painted Luxury French Bed pairs beautifully with the natural woods in this bedroom, to create a luxuriously cosy sanctuary.
@hollylodgehome takes a moment for herself in her styled bedroom sanctuary, with our Plushious Deep Fawn Cotton Velvet Quilted Bedspread, our Oli Ruffle White Linen Cushion and our Peppermint & Eucalyptus Single Wick Candle
We're in oatmeal heaven with @beech.tree.cottage's styling of our Chamonix Oatmeal Faux Fur Throw and the irresistibly soft Chamonix Oatmeal Faux Fur Cushion. The bed linen is our Petit Breton Stripe Bed Linen Set in Eucalyptus.
Our luxurious Palais Royal Avenue Linen Upholstered Bed bringing some antique sophistication to @cotswoldscrownjewel2's bedroom.
The best place to be on a Sunday morning, on our opulent Palais de Versailles Luxury Upholstered Bed with their matching Palais de Versailles Bedsides
It's not just the magazines that love our award winning Amortie Luxury Quilted Bed Linen set in Emerald Green with another #FBCPaws member relaxing in style.
We adore how one customer created this perfect make-up area with our Provencal Carved White Dressing Table taking centre stage.
We love the simple elegance that has been achieved with our Normandy Rattan Painted Luxury French Bed at the heart of the design.
These florals are to die for! They showcase our Peacock Art Deco Gold Fire Screen wonderfully.
We love this elegant and classic look from @jjinks82, created with our French Romance Grey Linen Upholstered Bed, Peachskin quilted Bedspread in French Grey and Breton Fawn Stripe Cushion.
One of our #FBCPaws regulars, Coco showing our Princely Pooch Blue Velvet Pet Bed isn't just for our canine companions.
@becshomestyle has beautifully shown what you can do with some smart layering, with our Chamonix Oatmeal Faux Fur Cushion and Chamonix Oatmeal Faux Fur Throw overlaying our Petit Breton Stripe Bed Linen Set in Sand. You can even see the pillow shams from the French White Cotton Quilted Bedspread & Pillow Sham Set in the background.
Could you wish for nicer place to get ready? @ROSEHONEYMORGAN has used our Delphine Distressed Shabby Chic Dressing Table and Delphine Distressed White Painted Stool to create this shabby chic sanctuary.
Georgia adores how @my_vintage_stories has styled our Chateauneuf Rustic Wire Fronted French Armoire in this perfectly rustic setting.
Our bedspreads don't necessarily need to be confined to the bedroom, with our Wildflower Quilted Bedspread and Embroidered Crown Cushion in Oatmeal perfect for an al fresco setting.
You can see why our Peachskin bedspreads are one of our best sellers. @holly_lodge_home showcasing our Peachskin in French Grey.
While we don't think this member of #FBCPaws will be getting as much use out of our Bonaparte Painted French Dressing Table and complementary Bonaparte French Dressing Stool. But we are sure their owner is!
Another #FBCPaws member taking centre stage on our Wonder Palm Bed Linen Set
We love this shot from @TARAMAYS25, showcasing one of our pieces of art, with a modern twist on a classic, the Girl With A Pearl Bubble Canvas wall art.
Our Palais de Versailles Daddy Gold Armchair is right at home in its opulent setting.
If like @Grace.in.Greece, you are lucky enough to have a bath in our bedroom, why not take inspiration from our Wooden Beads Large Waterfall Pendant Light taking pride of place above it.
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