At French Bedroom, we’re passionate about partnerships with other brands that share our values. With quality and sustainability at the core of both our own and Vispring’s ethos, we’re proud to have sold their mattresses for years.

Vispring pioneered the pocket spring mattress in 1901 and have been hand-crafting quality mattresses in their humble Plymouth factory ever since. Vispring have been hand crafting mattresses in the same way for over a century. The techniques – such as genuine hand side-stitching – have been passed down through centuries, making every Vispring mattress unique.

A recent study has shown that 88% of people either agree or strongly agree that the quality of a mattress has a direct impact on sleep quality. Whilst 79% agreed or strongly agreed that it is worth spending more on a mattress with proven benefits, such as a Vispring. To enhance the quality of your sleep, it’s worth investing in something this special. We understand that purchasing a mattress is a big decision, especially when they’re guaranteed to last thirty years, so we’re here to help you get it right the first time.

French Bedroom colleagues recently visited Vispring’s Plymouth factory and witnessing first-hand the craftmanship of their mattresses really instilled just how incredible they are. Keep reading to find out how to choose your perfect mattress, and what truly makes Vispring’s Luxury Mattresses so special.

French Bedroom Colleagues at the Vispring Factory in Plymouth. Vispring motto, "Think Care Think Quality" banner overhead.

What type of Vispring mattress is best for me?

There is no one size fits all to finding the perfect mattress, and the decision will be unique to the individual. Thankfully, Vispring have made this a bit easier by breaking the decision making into two parts:

  1. The support of the mattress, which is a science
  2. The feel of the mattress, which is your personal preference

Our bodies all need to feel the right amount of support when we sleep. Having a mattress that is too firm, or too soft, will lead to uncomfortable nights and difficulty falling asleep. Having sold mattresses for over 100 years, Vispring have calculated this support is most often determined by your weight. The gauge of the coil needs to be adjusted dependent on how light or heavy you are. This ensures the coils can hold your weight effectively, and each pocket spring continues to support your movement through the night.

What tension Vispring mattress do I need?

Having sold mattresses for years, Vispring have constructed a simple equation to help individuals learn which tension suits their needs best. This can be followed below:

Soft Vispring Mattress: for those up to 11 Stone / 70kgs

Medium Vispring Mattress: for those 11-16 Stone / 70-102kgs

Firm Vispring Mattress: for those 16-20 Stone / 102-127kgs

Extra Firm Vispring Mattress: for those above 20 Stone / 127kgs

If you and your partner fall into different weight brackets, Vispring offer dual-tension mattresses free of charge on king size and above. Meaning you will both feel that same level of support and sumptuous comfort as you sleep – no compromise.

Vispring Pocket Springs ready to be stitched into one of their luxury mattresses

Which Vispring mattress is best?

Whilst visiting Vispring HQ, we took it upon ourselves to have a test of all the mattresses (there’s nothing quite like sleeping on the job!), and this is how we’d categorise them:

French Bedroom colleagues testing out the range of Vispring mattresses
A Vispring mattress with all the fillings, before the top is added.

What happens if I don’t like the tension the guide dictates on arrival?

Vispring are confident their science will equate to comfortable nights and well rested individuals. Which is why they have a comfort promise – Vispring are proud to only have a 2% return rate.

Contact us prior to placing your order and we can have an in-depth chat about mattress tensions and what is best for you, following Vispring’s guide. Upon sleeping on the mattress, if you find it isn’t to your liking, let us know between 30 and 90 days of delivery (Vispring advise you try the mattress for thirty nights, giving your body time to adjust) and we can swap it for an alternative tension. Once swapped, the unwanted mattress goes to charity, helping families in need – just one more thing we love about Vispring.

Are Vispring mattresses good for allergies?

Although Vispring mattresses do not have an official allergy certification, the majority of materials they use in their mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic. No harsh chemicals or toxins are used, meaning they are mostly suitable for those who suffer with allergies.

How long does a Vispring mattresses last?

Luxury mattresses should last a long time, and Vispring’s certainly do with the right care. Vispring offer a 30 year guarantee on all their mattresses, which is around three times the amount of any other mattress manufacturer! Having seen first-hand the love and care that goes into each mattress, it’s not surprising they can last such a long time.

We do advise taking steps to protect your mattress, as accidental damage is not covered. Purchasing a mattress protector and a mattress pad ensures both the base and sleep surface of your mattress is insured. So should you ever need to claim through the guarantee, you’ll sleep soundly knowing you can.

Why are the mattresses on lead times?

Every single Vispring mattress is lovingly handmade in their small Plymouth factory. Dependent on the mattress, just the side stitching alone can take up to six hours. This love and care can’t be replicated by a machine, and every mattress is made to order, so the process cannot be sped up. As they say, all good things come to those who wait!

Connor from our Customer Experience team learning how the hand stitched sides are done, by a Vispring factory worker

Are Vispring mattresses sustainable?

Vispring search the planet for the most luxurious and sustainable natural materials. It’s the only way to make sure that Vispring comfort goes beyond anything you’ve experienced. Fleecy, fluffy, smooth, and soft – filling a Vispring mattress with anything less just won’t do. No plastic, polyester, foam, or other man-made products or chemicals are used in the manufacturing process; meaning once you’re finished using your mattress, all fillings are recyclable and degradable.

Plastic free luxury mattresses are a simple way to significantly decrease an individual’s carbon footprint. This responsible choice ensures one less mattress going into landfill in your lifetime. Natural upholstery and fillings are not only great for the environment, but they also ensure your mattress is able to breathe as you sleep.

Why would I need a mattress topper?

Vispring’s mattress toppers help elevate the comfort of your mattress. They are a real treat and an added layer of luxury. These luxury mattresses are undeniably comfortable without a topper but placing that extra layer on makes them truly irresistible.

After visiting the factory and seeing the process in action, witnessing the love that goes into crafting each mattress and watching the craftsmen’s teamwork (we witnessed 6 men carrying one mattress between stations!), we can truly understand what makes Vispring mattresses so special. If you’d like a sneak peak into the factory, you can join us on our trip here on our TikTok.

“Imagine a place of comfort and poetry. A haven of elegance and sophistication. This is the world of Vispring.”