It’s that time of year again. Despite the decidedly undecided nature of British weather, there comes a time when, emboldened by a few days of sunshine, we decide to swap out our duvets, bedspreads and ultra-snuggly faux fur blankets for lighter alternatives, to better entice the summer sun and warmth into our homes.

If you are fortunate enough to have a lovely large armoire or French wardrobe, this will be a fairly easy task for you. Most of us have to get ever-more creative with our storage solutions. Armoire or no armoire however, there remains the question: How do I store my bedding?

The last thing you want to be greeted by at the end of summer is dust, dirt, mould or damage to your stored linens and towels. We’ve got the solutions for you on how to safely store bedding and free up some space in your home.

1. Exile Excess Linens

We are all guilty of it. Those impulse buys of pretty, printed bed linen sets that… got out of hand. Be brutally honest with yourself about how often you actually use them. Which ones have seen better days? Which ones were gifts that you never really liked anyway? Instead of trying to squeeze them in, donate them or sell them on. Organising becomes so much simpler when you take it down to the essentials.

2. Always Store Clean Bedding

Before you store your bed linen, duvets, and bedspreads, make sure everything has been washed and thoroughly dried. Moisture is the enemy of linen. It causes bad smells, mould, and dust. Which is not what you want to be greeted by come autumn, when you throw open the doors of your armoire or French wardrobe, expecting to fill your lungs with the enticing scent of fresh, clean bedding.

3. Allow Fabric To Breathe

Natural fibres such as pure linen, cotton and wool need airflow to safeguard against the development of mould and mildew. Avoid storing bedding in plastic bags that will trap moisture, or in areas in your home that are humid. Where possible, store your linens in a cool and dry environment. French style furniture made from natural wood, such as a rustic armoire, are ideal for storing linens as they are light and airy, allowing the fabric to breathe.

4. Keep Odours At Bay

If you can’t avoid damp, it’s easy to make an odour and moisture absorber at home with simple household ingredients. Simply take a mason jar and make some holes in the lid. Half fill it with baking soda and a few drops of your favourite essential oil, and voila’! Fresh smelling sheets all season long. Pro tip: Lavender oil or sachets of lavender not only smell nice, but have the added bonus of keeping away moths and protecting your luxury bed linen from these hungry pests.

5. Maximise Space

This may seem obvious but learning how to fold bedding is an invaluable skill to save space. Bulky blankets and large towels can be hard to fold, whereas luxury duvets and pillows with goose down or feathers shouldn’t be squashed, as this will damage them. Roll these pieces, tie them with a ribbon, and store them vertically. They will be easier to access, and their quality will be preserved for longer.

One of our favourite hacks at French Bedroom is to store sets of sheets in their matching pillowcases. Fold your sheets neatly, then slide the set inside one of its pillowcases. Say goodbye to settling for cream sheets with white pillowcases and vice versa. Say hello to a perfectly styled French bed every time.

Last, but by no means least. If you adore an orderly look, fold your bedding with the edges towards the back. No more looking at sandwich-style folds and imperfect edges when you open your armoire. This is also a useful tip if you like to display your linen in a mirrored armoire or antique showcase.

Now you know how to store your bedding in 5 easy steps to keep it fresh all season long.

1) Clear out excess bedding

2) Clean and dry your linens

3) Store in a fresh, dry place

4) Make an odour absorber at home

5) Fold properly to maximise space

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