In these darker winter days, we’re looking to the magic of French mirrors to make our bedrooms and homes brighter and lighter.

A light filled room has the mystical powers of not only brightening a space, but also making it feel bigger and more welcoming. But while soaring bay windows and glass covered extensions might be on the long-term wish-list, an instant and more affordable fix to a dark room with little natural light is a beautiful mirror.

Whether your bijou boudoir needs a brightening pick-me-up or your large, but north facing bedroom requires some enlightenment – a well-placed wall or full-length mirror holds the power to not just help the existing (even if limited) natural light reflect around your home, but in turn it will lift your mood too.

Whether your style suits an ornate, gold French mirror or a linear, oversized statement mirror, we’ve brought together some of our solutions for hanging, placing and collecting mirrors, to make the most of your natural light in a dark space…

1. Light It up

Place a mirror behind a light source. Whether it’s behind a candle, a hanging pendant light, a twinkling French chandelier or a bedside lamp, a mirror will help to maximise the light’s reach while creating an ethereal effect in a dark space.

2. A Window into your Beautiful Home

By placing a mirror on an opposite wall to your actual window the reflection not only makes the most of the direct natural light, but it also replicates the view, allowing you to appreciate it from multiple angles.

3. French Full-Length Mirrors

And there you were thinking they were just a great way to check if your shoes went with your top! A beautiful full-length mirror instantly draws the eye higher, carrying your line of view around the room; in turn, this gives the illusion of a lighter, brighter and taller bedroom.

4. Lovely Layers of Mirrors

Why have one mirror when you can have lots?! By creating a ‘gallery wall’ of smaller mirrors or romantically layering full length ‘leaner mirrors’, you’ll be not only amplifying the light reflecting into room, but you'll give the space depth and character without weighing it down.

5. Venetian Mirrored Furniture

Short on wall space? No problem. The addition of a mirrored, Venetian style bedside table or French console table can brighten a boudoir or small space from the floor up. Place a table lamp on the surface to allow light to reflect outwards and upwards into your home.

For more inspiration and lighting solutions on how to bring more light into your dark bedroom, contact our knowledgeable in-house stylists for a chat. They’ll be able to help you decide if floor length or wall mirrors are best for your space; if circular or rectangular mirrors will suit your design, or if ornate or simple will sit well in your current home.