Can’t wait for spring? Neither can we.  Spring is a season of renewal and rejuvenation.  We’re getting our homes ready for carefree togetherness, celebration, and connection. The guestroom windows are open, fresh air is gently wafting in, and the daffodils are in bloom.

After a long and cold winter, it’s time to breathe new life into your bedroom and create a fresh and inviting space that reflects the beauty of the season. At French Bedroom, we’re thinking about simple yet impactful ways of bringing spring into the bedroom through natural textures, breathable fabrics, fresh colours, and playful patterns. Read on to discover our stylists’ top tips to help you create a spring-inspired oasis in your bedroom.

Bring nature indoors with natural furnishings.

One of the best ways to bring the beauty of spring into your bedroom is by incorporating natural furnishings. Wooden furniture is a great option, as it adds warmth and texture to your space. Whether you opt for a luxury French bed or an upholstered bed with a wooden frame, a bedside table, or a dresser, the natural beauty of wood will create a calming and peaceful atmosphere in your room.

Freshly cut flowers are another excellent way to incorporate nature into your bedroom. Now is the time for daffodils, crocuses, cherry blossom, and viburnum. Individual sprigs placed in bud vases, or larger floral bunches arranged on a chest of drawers can instantly bring a touch of the outdoors into your space.

Our Top Tip:  Pick early blossoms or sycamore buds from your garden and put them in a vase on a windowsill with plenty of sunlight. The flowers will continue to open and bloom, reminding you of the beauty of nature.

Ensure a good night’s sleep with luxury bed linen.

In spring, it’s easier for our sleep patterns to be disrupted as we transition to a new season. The key to a good night’s sleep is comfortable bedding. Natural, breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk are the perfect options. These materials help regulate body temperature throughout the night, keeping you snug and comfortable and ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Invest in luxury bed linen in light and airy colours such as sage green and delicate ivory. These shades will create a calming atmosphere and help you relax before bed.

Our Top Tip: Layer your king-size French bed with a lightly quilted bedspread for those fresher mornings, typical of early spring. We love floral patterns and Indian block prints for a light and cheery springtime touch.

Create a fresh colour palette for spring.

When it comes to your bedroom, consider incorporating a fresh colour palette that reflects the season. A simple and satisfying way of doing this for spring is to choose a muted base with calming neutrals, soft blues, sage greens and pale pinks. You are then free to add pops of vibrant colour with decorative accents such as patterned bed linen, large cushions, and bedroom rugs.

Our Top Tip: For an additional pop of colour, consider adding nicely coloured books to your bedside table. Choose topics that speak to you such as travel, art, gardening, or design, and arrange them in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. Alternatively, add colourful artwork or prints to your walls to create a focal point in your room.

Some of our favourite books for adding colour are the V&A Sourcebook of Pattern And Ornament, Happy Inside by Michelle Ogunduhin, and How to Plant A Room And Grow A Happy Home by Erin Harding

Have fun with patterned bed linen and accessories.

Spring is the perfect time to have fun with pattern. Blend large or small-scale floral printed bed linen with a wide striped silk cushion, to instantly create a playful and inviting look for your spring boudoir. Have fun experimenting mixing and matching different patterns for a modern take on the maximalism trend.

Our Top Tip: When it comes to mixing patterns, a good rule of thumb is to choose patterns that have a similar colour scheme. For example, you can pair floral prints with stripes in a similar colour palette for a cohesive look. You can also mix and match different scales of patterns for added visual impact.

In conclusion, bringing spring into your bedroom is all about incorporating natural elements, breathable fabrics, fresh colours, and playful patterns. By following these tips, you can create a fresh and inviting space that reflects the beauty of the season.

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