Aesthetically, painted furniture can be the piece de resistance within your beautiful boudoir. The perfect colour can often unify the vision you have for the room you are styling, allowing you to use it as a base to pick pairings of accessories to complement your furniture and express your style. For years to come, both you and your guests will be admiring these timeless pieces within your home, so ensuring their pristine condition is of top priority.

To ensure the longevity of your painted furniture, you will need to make sure that you take the upmost care of it. With the right care, French Bedroom painted furniture can last a lifetime.

We have collated a list of the most important things to remember when caring for your new, painted furniture, to maintain its beauty for a lifetime:

Keep temperature consistent.

Over time, changes in temperature can cause damage to painted wooden furniture, so we advise thinking carefully about where you place your new additions. Whilst staying cosy next to the radiator on a cold winter's night in your painted bed may seem tempting, it is highly advisable to avoid placing your furniture beside radiators or air conditioning units, as well as open windows where rain may get in and damage the paintwork. Ideally, place your furniture somewhere that the temperature is sure to stay consistent throughout the year to avoid any temperature related damage.

Keep water away!

Whilst the occasional spill will not immediately damage your furniture, it is pivotal to ensure all spillages are cleaned up promptly to make sure that the water does not soak into the wood.

Although we advise avoiding placing cups and glasses on your painted furniture, should you choose to pop a cup of tea on your bedside table, we recommend using a coaster to protect your furniture and avoid creating any ring marks. 

It is crucial to be especially careful with chemicals such as nail polish remover or alcohol, as this can cause irreversible damage to your luxurious goodies!

Choose your decorations wisely.

Adorning your exceptional, handcrafted furniture with the perfect pairings can quite often be the best part of styling a room (we’re dreaming of how gorgeous the Avenue Montaigne Grande Bedside Table would look paired with a delicate vase and romantic white flowers).

Should you wish to use additional accessories to make your style mark, we encourage you to do so! To ensure these items are not marking your handmade furniture, we would recommend using felt backing pads for heavy items. Alongside this, we would advise rotating any ornaments regularly to avoid them sticking and pulling paint from your furniture.

Whilst it may be tempting to decorate your new furniture with candles and diffusers, be mindful that essential oils can cause irreversible effects to the surface of painted furniture. To combat this, make sure candles and diffusers are always placed on coasters. Alongside this, make a habit of applying oils before you place the diffuser on the surface of your furniture to prevent any accidental spills.

Don’t wait for an accident.

By this, we mean clean your furniture regularly! Don’t wait for there to be a reason to tend to your dreamy pieces.

To ensure that painted furniture is kept in the best condition, we would recommend cleaning it weekly. To do this, remove any dust by wiping with a damp lint-free cloth. Following this, dry the furniture thoroughly with a dry cloth (be sure not to leave the furniture damp!).

Be careful and cautious when using any furniture cleaners, as these can sometimes contain chemicals that will cause damage to paint. 

Emergency care

We understand that accidents cannot be avoided and sometimes, the only way to rectify an accidental spill is to undergo some emergency care!

Before you begin, the area you intend to paint/touch up needs to be clean and dry. To ensure this, follow the steps above to clean the area prior to paint application. Test the paint you are using in an inconspicuous space to ensure a good match, and then, using a small amount of paint on your brush, apply the paint where necessary. Allow it to dry for at least four hours prior to applying a second coat if required.


Painted furniture is a timeless addition to any room in the home. Create a romantic escape for you and yours by placing a dreamy painted bed frame within your boudoir (our particular favourites to create this aesthetic are the Avenue Montaigne French Bed or the Lit D'Amour, Low Footboard Linen Upholstered Bed).

Alternatively, get creative in placing a beautiful painted armoire in your bedroom, hallway, or even kitchen to create a rustic effect throughout the home! We especially love seeing the Normandy 2-Door Mirrored French Armoire as an eccentric storage piece within the hallway.  

We are committed to helping you make the perfect styling choices and are always here to help talk it through. If you have any questions about styling, or caring for your furniture, then please do get in touch – we’re always happy to chat, and have been since 2006.