We spend a lot of time in bed. We luxuriate in it on a Sunday morning, fall into it after a long day, we share it with our significant other – not to mention gate-crashing children and pets!

There are few things that delight our senses more than fresh, clean sheets. All the same, between busy lives, and an increasing awareness around water wastage, studies show that most of us don’t change them as often as we should! After a long and tiring day, the reality is that sometimes we’re just grateful for a warm and cosy French bed to snooze in!

Of course, at French Bedroom we are obsessed with all things boudoir-related, so we decided to do the research for you. We’ve looked into how often sheets should be cleaned, and even sought the advice of a bed linen expert to set the record straight once and for all.

Our research involved the French Bedroom team and our Instagram community. We asked firstly how often our followers thought they should change their bed sheets, and then how often in reality they actually change them. The results may make you itch!

How often we actually change our sheets

Your response to our Instagram poll left no doubt - you intend to change your bed sheets every week! So said 62.5% of respondents. Read on to find out how many of you actually follow through on these good intentions...

Interestingly, at French Bedroom we all said we aim to change our bed sheets once a week, but in reality, we change them every two to three weeks. This is in line with the average in the UK according to the Sleep Foundation. (Spoiler alert however, we are all falling short of the recommended frequency!)

How often you should clean your sheets

Our Instagram poll revealed that 46% of you – our followers – change your bed sheets every week, with 28% washing those linens every two weeks. Well done!

Of course, how often you change your bed sheets will depend on your circumstances. The Good Housekeeping Institute says that your sheets should be changed at least once every two weeks.

However, if you suffer with night sweats or allergies such as asthma, it’s worth washing them weekly to get rid of any grime or potential irritants and keep your sleeping space fresh and clean.

Likewise, if you sleep with a pet on your bed, you should change your bed linen as often as twice a week to keep them clear of dust mites, hair and bacteria.

As summer approaches and the nights get warmer, it’s wise to clean our sheets more regularly. According to Sean Lyndon Cook, A.T.I, H.N.D, the founder of The Lyndon Company, we should be changing our bed sheets on a weekly basis during the hotter months:

“To ensure you have the best sleep, sleeping in natural fabrics such as cotton will allow your body to breathe and settle down quickly at the end of a busy day. During the warm summer months, we recommend laundering your bedding about once a week to keep it fresh.”

He also gave us some sound advice on the best way to dry luxury bedding:

“Washed cotton bed linen is always a special treat and feels exhilarating when you sleep in it for the first time. Line drying allows the wind to dry the fabric dry naturally, is environmentally friendly and will blow out the creases, too.”

If all this talk of clean sheets has got you craving some brand new bed linen to slumber in, why not browse our beautiful range of luxury bed linen now and treat yourself.