A beautiful scent can really set the scene in your home; whether it’s the heady aroma of fresh lavender or the sweet, floral notes of roses and peonies, your chosen scent is what gives your house its personality. Scented candles and reed diffusers are the perfect way to fragrance your home, but where should you place them in order to create the perfect ambience? Read on to find out!

Where to place scented candles

Though there’s no wrong way to place a scented candle, there are a few areas of your home that can actually boost the efficiency of their fragrance, so you can enjoy a beautifully aromatic house. Here are the best rooms for scented candles:

The Best Rooms for Scented Candles


Your bedroom is a place of rest, relaxation and tranquillity, so it’s important to set a scene to reflects that peaceful atmosphere. Lavender is a good choice for a relaxing bedroom scent, as it can help you drift off into a soothing slumber-filled sleep with pleasant dreams.

Similarly, if you use your bedroom to unwind and take a break after a busy day, the delicate notes of rose fragrances can help lift stress and send you off to serenity for the rest of the evening.

For a romantic atmosphere, try rich scents such as ginger, jasmine and sandalwood; these essences are said to contain aphrodisiacal qualities that can really set the mood.


The bathroom is another perfect room for relaxation; imagine sinking into an indulgent bubble bath after a long, trying day and enjoying the beautiful aroma of a scented candle as the stresses of the day melt away! Lavender and vanilla fragrances are a glorious bathtime treat, as they immerse your senses into relaxation. Linen scents are also known for their calming and invigorating effect.

For a fresh bathroom ambience, adorn your bathing space with citrus, mint or ocean-inspired scented candles for a light ambience that makes your home feel clean and contemporary.

How do scents influence our mood?

When your home smells divine, it goes deeper than just having a house you can feel proud of and at peace in. Inhaling certain scents can actually have an impact on our mood; for example, the smell of a soothing lavender candle can help you to feel relaxed, or the fresh scent of newly washed linen can give you a boost of energy. But how is this so?

According to a psychology expert at Brown University, scents evoke certain moods through associative learning. This refers to the way our brains tie memories together, so when you pick up a scent that reminds you of something specific, your brain reacts to the memory and influences your mood accordingly. This is why the scent of a vanilla candle might make you feel happy, if it reminds you of baking with your parents or grandparents in the past.

Fresh smelling home tips: How to make your house smell beautiful with candles

Here are our favourite ways to create a fresh smelling house with scented candles:

Melt leftover wax with a wax burner

Ever have little bits of wax left over, even after your wick is no longer able to light? You can still use this scented wax to fragrance your home - simply pop it into the top of a wax burner and let the intense scent fill the room. Melting wax in this way means that the scent lasts longer, keeping your home smelling magnificent at all times.

Place unlit candles next to fabrics

You can even enhance the smell of your home without actually lighting your candles! Placing your favourite scents next to fabrics such as curtains and drapes can create an elegant house aroma, as these materials can absorb the candle’s scent. Just remember to move your candle away from any soft materials before you light it!

If this post has inspired you to create a beautiful-smelling abode, browse through our gorgeous collection of scented candles and home fragrances.