As we say farewell to November and look forward to the upcoming festivities, we reflect on a month that fused creativity and activity at French Bedroom HQ.

Our team have been hard at work behind the scenes to plan and execute a wonderfully creative photoshoot, bursting with new products that we are so looking forward to sharing with you! The atmosphere of these shoots brings us closer than ever, it’s all hands on deck from start to finish. The excitement starts with initial mood boards and months of new product development. The run up is physically demanding, transporting furniture between rooms, steaming of bed linen between shots (we like to do this whilst on the bed – a handy Christmas hosting hack!).

Mindful moments can be found when styling, like fashioning freshly cut hydrangea and taking a moment to admire its natural beauty. Start to finish the team effort is admirable and the end result, better every time. In the process we grow even more fond and passionate about the unique products we make for your homes. The room comes alive as we bring each carefully considered piece together in harmony. Our loyal Romantic Reveries readers of course deserve to be first to see, enjoy a sneak peek: 

Spending time in nature is one of life’s simple pleasures and one of my favourite ways to spend a crisp winter morning. Walking through parks and woodlands scattered with fallen brown and red leaves evokes a sense of childlike joy and innocence. I am ever thankful to be surrounded by the beautiful Sussex countryside and historical sites, especially as the parent of two energetic children and an excitable whippet, Noodles (photos of whom you may have spotted across our website and socials). Our family recently spent the day exploring Sheffield Park, a 300-acre National Trust site in East Sussex. The garden itself is Grade I listed, bustling with wildlife and if you’re eagle eyed, you may spot the occasional bird of prey amongst the lakes and woodlands.  

The importance of surrounding ourselves with loved ones is something we consider during the latter end of the year. As a welcome reminder of this, I inherited a family heirloom – a grandfather clock. Sadly, the clock has laid dormant for the past 40 years, so we finally set about having it repaired. Fond childhood memories instantly came flooding back. It fills me with joy to know that this is something my own children will now remember into their adult years – although the chime of the clock encouraging them to spring into action in the mornings may be something they loathe in teenage years! The ticking of the clock acts as a natural meditation aid, due to its closeness to the rhythm of the human heartbeat, the power is in listening.  

Many of us will have completed, or be close to completing, our Christmas gift shopping by now. Bracing ourselves for tackling the busy high street can be be a little overwhelming, but the twinkle and glow of a festive storefront as I weave through fellow shoppers always acts as a warm welcome.  I adore visiting London’s iconic department stores and longstanding retailers to soak in the grandeur of their displays, such as Fortnum & Mason on Piccadilly – the advent themed windows paired with trees and wreaths are timeless yet breath-taking! If you’d prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of London at this time of year, take a browse through our Gift Guide to tick off your list from the comfort of your own home. 


Often our homes, although we would scarcely admit it, are ruled by our four-legged companions. Of course, it’s only fair that they have a throne to suit their imaginary crowns. Our Ma Petit Douceur Pet Bed is the perfect balance of glamour and practicality, while its neutral tone allows the bed to perfectly harmonise with your existing French furniture.  

While planning our Christmas decorations for the year, it’s easy to focus our attention on the tree (which, after all, is the main attraction) and our tablescape. We tend to forget about soft furnishings. The Silent Night Toile Cushion is both cosy and delicate, with its winter cottage design and velvet reverse. This cushion would also be the perfect addition to the guest bedroom, to make your visitors feel at home. After all, the finishing touches are often what really elevates our Christmas décor.  

There are few things that offer more comfort than snuggling up on the sofa or in bed to decompress after a busy day. Our go to for the ultimate snuggle factor is our Norwegian Mint Faux Fur Throw, which is elegant, cosy yet light (a few of the team have been known to take it out to Sunday lunch!) and perfect for wrapping up in during those crisp winter evenings.  

Brunch with Kazz O'Neill

Get to know Kazz - a model, content creator, mother, grandma and all round glamourous icon.

Kazz can be found sharing all sorts of home, fashion and beauty content on Instagram: @kazzstyle_

Describe your perfect Sunday 

My perfect Sunday would be a lazy morning in our gorgeous Palais Royal bed, wearing my McHugh Lifestyle loungewear, a beautiful candle lit or my aroma diffuser filling the room, maybe a little Sunday morning jazz with a great cuppa. I’m a tea drinker! 

I can see that fashion and style are important to you. Where do you draw inspiration from? 

I adore fashion and style. I have worked within the fashion and beauty industry throughout my modelling career. I draw inspiration from the catwalks, working with brands and nowadays much is from Instagram. 

When styling a room, which three things would you consider first? 

  • The colours I have in mind  
  • Where the windows are situated for the light in the room  
  • What my feature piece will be and then build the room around that piece 

If you could share a bottle of champagne with one person, who would it be?

I would share a bottle of champagne with Paul, my partner, but closely followed by my 3 grandsons - although that would mean more for me as they are all under 8 years old!

Christmas is just around the corner! How will you and your family be spending Christmas Day?

We are spending Christmas with my beautiful family. My daughters Emily and Abi, their partners, my grandsons with family and friends added in the mix… I can’t wait, I love Christmas!