You join us in the calm after the metaphorical, yet fulfilling, storm that was the month of March. Each week brought with it new challenges, new lessons and, of course, new products. As a business owner, it’s always so rewarding to reflect back on the journey the team and I have been on. We are blessed to work in such a fun and creative space and we love to share these moments with you all.

With the end of the month bringing in the Easter holidays, my family and I travelled to Taghazout in Morocco for a long weekend of blue seas and sunshine - although the sunshine didn’t get the memo for most of our trip!  Nonetheless, we enjoyed every precious family moment, embracing the local surfing culture, enjoying long bike rides to local towns, and swooning over the colourful painted earthenware.  And no trip to Morocco is complete without a camel ride!     

As anyone who works within the world of interiors will know, spring is always filled with new product launches, which lend themselves to home shows and expos.  March hosts London Design Week at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, a hub for brands, designers, journalists and shoppers.  A melange of pattern, stripes, rich colour, embroidery, jacquard and trimmings galore, it was an inspiration overload – if that is possible!  It was great to catch up with familiar faces and soak in the creative surroundings. For me, it’s impossible to walk into a fabric showroom and not feel compelled to draw mental sketches of statement headboards and soft furnishings.

While we love designing and launching new furniture and accessories, we do remind ourselves of the timelessness of our existing pieces, which we are always wanting to portray in new ways. Trade secret – the right styling can totally transform the feel and appearance of a staple bed.

Those of you who follow us on social media may have seen some behind the scenes shots of our most recent photoshoot. This two-day shoot required all hands on deck – with the entire FB team lending a helping hand building beds, styling, packing down and countless cups of tea and biscuits!

Our vision was to capture green freshness overlaid with rich warm tones, and we hope that has been translated into the images and videos.  We feel it was our best styling yet (although, I must admit, I'm biased!) with unmatched synergy between our photographer and creative team. This new photography is already being fed into the product pages of our website – we hope you love it as much as we do. 

signature of Georgia Metcalfe. Founder and Creative Director of French Bedrom

Sunday Discoveries

Introducing the Lumière Collection - bold silhouettes, masterfully hand-carved wood and undeniable elegance. Each piece combines warm, natural tones with quintessentially Parisian style.

Lumière Une

Handcrafted in India and marrying a combination of two glorious natural textures – slub cotton and solid wood. We love the scalloped fluting of the shade that tops the smooth undulating texture of the finely turned wooden base.

Lumière Deux

Carved from Toma mango wood, the slender neck rises from the base of the lamp and is topped with a fluted scalloped cotton shade. The perfect companion to your bedside table.

Lumière Trois

The lamp base is carved from Toma mango wood, the slender silhouette and organically shaped base giving a nod to a feminine curves.

Lumière Quatre

The monochrome black with ivory palette means the lamp will pair with a variety of room schemes. We love the softness of the fluted scalloped cotton shade against the textured matt black base.

Brunch With Grace

Skincare fanatic and beauty guru Grace Fodor founded Studio10 with the driving force of redefining negative stereotypes around ageing. The brand strives to help women feel beautiful and confident as they age, with a range of skincare infused makeup products, perfect for enhancing our natural beauty. 

You are making amazing moves to redefine beauty standards surrounding age – how would you like to see other brands adopt this messaging? 

While more and more brands are starting to recognise the value of older women as consumers and are diversifying their advertising and marketing, there is still a long way to go, and I will continue to push for change. Brands need to move away from a one-size-fits-all approach, and instead incorporate products and ingredients that deliver real results for women of all ages.

Additionally, they should refrain from using outdated terminology such as “anti-ageing”, “anti-wrinkle”, and “10 years younger”, as these send a clear, misguided message, suggesting that women must look ‘young’ to remain socially relevant.

Instead, as an industry, we have a responsibility to champion the inherent value and beauty within all women, celebrating our achievements and experience. No matter what, we must never allow anyone to consider us invisible.

What is one piece of skincare advice we should all know?

As mature skin tends to be drier and less able to retain moisture, I always recommend incorporating Hyaluronic Acid into your skincare routine. Hyaluronic Acid is a gel-like, water-holding molecule composed of microspheres that fill in deep wrinkles, plump, and soften the skin texture. Its unique micro-reservoir effect provides long-lasting hydration, essential for maintaining skin elasticity and hydration. 

Did you have previous experience within the beauty industry before you established Studio10?

Before Studio10, I had a long career in the beauty industry that spanned more than 20 years. During this time, I helped brands grow and scale their businesses, but my passion has always been in product design and development. Developing products that understand what women want and need, and formulating products that truly meet those needs. 

As a member of our target demographic myself, I understand the unique challenges and desires that come with mature skin and I’ve made it my mission to redefine beauty for women as they age with a strong PROAGE narrative – beauty is ageless.

With so many incredible products to choose from, what are your three hero products?

As women, we’re always on the go - I understand the importance of a quick and easy makeup routine that still leaves me feeling confident and put-together. To achieve a polished look in a short amount of time, I rely on our Perfect Canvas foundation to even out my skin tone while still maintaining a natural-looking finish, our Plumping Blush Glow-plexion to add a healthy flush of colour and lift my complexion (or the Perfect Bronze Glow-plexion during the warmer months), and the Brow Lift Perfecting Pencil to add shape and structure to my face.

Studio10’s messaging promotes confidence and self-love. If you could give your teenage self one piece of advice to achieve this, what would it be?

It would be to embrace who you are wholeheartedly and focus on your uniqueness and inner qualities rather than external validation. You are worthy and deserving, trust in your abilities, be kind to yourself, and celebrate what makes you uniquely you. Remember that true confidence comes from within, and you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.