So, you’ve purchased the French bed of your dreams and need to invest in a premium mattress to accompany it – only, you don’t know where to start! Understanding what the different upholstery fillings mean, what the perfect number of pocket springs are, and how to choose the best mattress can feel like a tiresome and prolonged journey, especially when you need to wade through endless mattress jargon along the way.

What are the benefits of a handmade mattress? Why choose pocket springs over memory foam? And where does the comfort peak and the price remain affordable for a luxury mattress which will last you many years? Join us as we delve deep into the mattress world and unpack all the information you will need to be able to make your decision and achieve an unrivalled and unbeatable night’s sleep.

If you require some additional help selecting the right size mattress, head over to our article: Your Guide To UK Mattress Sizing to demystify the difference between UK, EU, and US mattress sizes. For more help selecting the correct tension for your Vispring mattress, read our article: How To Choose A Luxury Mattress.

Paris 1500, entry level luxury mattress

Handmade with Heritage

We love supporting local businesses, just like ours, so all of our luxury mattresses are handmade in the UK.

Our Paris mattress collection is lovingly made in Lancashire by a family-run company who have a long history with making mattresses to perfection. This means that the covers are expertly hand-tufted, to provide the beautifully domed appearance whilst adding further comfort, support, and durability whilst you sleep. The sides are skillfully hand side stitched and the ingredients for the upholstery are sourced diligently and sustainably, in line with our own ethos and values.

Some of our factory’s team members have over 30 years of experience in the world of mattress making and in the field of fiber supplies. When you purchase a French Bedroom mattress, you can rest assured knowing you have invested in a mattress which has been made with years of experience and knowledge, as well as the intention of pairing you with your perfect sleep solution.

Investing in a handmade mattress has technical benefits, too. Our mattresses are created by practicing artisans who work directly with the materials, meaning they receive ongoing feedback from the materials, and they are able to feel their way through the nature of their craft. Our artisans use 30cm needles to hand tuft the top of the mattress and to thoroughly thread the hand side stitching, holding the materials inside the mattress tightly and binding everything together. Mattresses will see movement and stress in their lifetime, so the seemingly small act of hand side stitching is important to the integral behaviour of the materials.

Spring for Pocket Springs

Pocket springs are the invisible heroes inside of our mattress. But exactly what does this mean for your sleep hygiene?

Pocket springs are usually made from steel and then encased in a cotton casing. This ensures that each spring moves independently, making them especially helpful for co-sleepers. Say goodbye to your partner turning over in the middle of the night, and the movement of the mattress startling you awake! A pocket sprung mattress will ensure a peaceful night’s sleep, whilst your spinal alignment is safely protected and supported.

Whilst we’re on the topic, how does a memory foam mattress compare to a pocket sprung mattress? Memory foam is a man-made fiber, with little to no moisture wicking abilities. This means that the cells in the plastic used in memory foam mattresses reflects your heat back, making you sweat more whilst you sleep. On top of this, the heat doesn’t draw through the material, leaving no space for air circulation. On the other hand, our pocket springs, encased in a fabric ‘jacket’ allow the springs to move independently, whilst enabling air circulation, meaning you awake feeling fresh and ready to start the day!

We are often asked how many pocket springs the optimal number for your new mattress is, and the answer is completely subjective. The general consensus is that the higher number of pocket springs in your mattress equals a more supportive sleep, due to the higher number of contact points. The Paris 3000 Mattresses have a double layer of pocket springs so that the top layer can take the stress of movement whilst the bottom layer provides a strong support. 

For your spare bedroom or second home, the Paris 1500 Luxury Mattress, with Personalisation will be perfectly comfortable, as well as durable, however, for those who are indulging in their own high-quality mattress which gives the option to select your mattress tension in order to personalize your sleep experience, we recommend a Vispring mattress.

Starting with the entry-level, Vispring Traditional Luxury Mattress, this boasts 1254 pocket springs in the king size, and include only the best British fleece wool and cotton. This mattress errs on the firmer side, however, for a more indulgent feel, we recommend the ever-popular, Vispring Realm Luxury Mattress, which includes layers of light fluffy bamboo, further softening the feel of the mattress.

We always recommend purchasing your Vispring mattress in line with their ‘firmness and support’ tension guide to guarantee the most comfortable night’s sleep, and to ensure you are eligible for their 100-night comfort promise.

A Recipe for Comfort

Our Paris mattresses boast a myriad of natural, luxury fillings with a promise of providing you with the most sumptuous and divine slumber.

Our Paris Pillow Top 3000 Luxury Mattress has a natural hessian insulator, pure new wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, and lambswool for the ultimate level of comfort and luxury whilst you sleep. And if the luxury upholstery and handmade nature isn’t enough to make you swoon, this model has a built-in pillow top. This leaves no need for regular mattress-turning, or for investing in a high-end mattress topper on top of your luxury mattress. Simply lay the mattress on top of your French bed and sink into deep and delightful comfort.

Night sweats can be caused by many different factors: different medications, low blood sugar, alcohol intake, or, perhaps most notably, the menopause! So many of our lovely customers are looking for a holistic solution to this disruptive, and sometimes frustrating, symptom, and we are proud to announce we have the perfect solution to enhance your sleep hygiene! Our Stay Cool Luxury Latex 3000 Mattress, with Personalisation features a natural and unexpected, yet irreplaceable ingredient: latex. Latex is the ultimate ingredient needed for a supportive yet yielding mattress which has exceptional breathability – great for night sweats, but also as a resistant to dust mites, mould, and mildew. Finally, a mattress that cares for your emotional, mental, and physical well-being!

A mattress that cares for your sleep hygiene, as well as your mental and physical wellbeing will cost you a tad more than your standard machine-made mattress made of foam. Your mattress will see daily usage, and the quality of your mattress impacts your everyday life and overall wellbeing so heavily, it is worth spending a little more to be able to reap the benefits. Especially when investing in a product which benefits from artisanal practices, when you split the cost over the usage of the product, it is easy to see the benefits of spending more for a mattress which should last you many years.

A Mattress for Milestone Moments

We are often asked for mattress recommendations from our customers when they are purchasing their children a new bed and mattress. They want to invest in a mattress of good quality which will see their children from secondary school, into college, and through to university. A mattress which will see sleepovers, first loves, first heartbreaks, first night living away from the family home, and beyond; a mattress which will be present for every milestone moment. For this, we recommend our Paris mattress collection. Handmade with luxury upholstery, this mattress collection can be personalized to commemorate the important moments.

Simply request the hand embroidered message in your delivery comments box at the checkout, and our expert mattress makers will do the rest. Your heartfelt message may signify your daughter’s move to university; her wedding; an anniversary; or even as a gift for the birth of your first grandchild, to help protect against the sleepless nights she doesn’t yet know are coming!

Don't Forget to Accessorise

Now that you have selected the best mattress for you, we implore you to take the necessary steps to care for it and keep it in great condition! Vispring recommend using a mattress pad when using a mattress on a slatted base (which most of our bed frames are) to protect the mattress whilst turning.

Our customers often opt for a mattress protector as well as a mattress pad. The protector is placed on top of the mattress (and is particularly helpful when used on top of the children’s beds!). The mattress protector helps protect against any spillages, adding further comfort and temperature control.

Finally, our Vispring mattress toppers are simply divine, hence their title: “Vispring Heaven Mattress Topper”. Available in three different models and levels of luxury, the Vispring mattress toppers are worthwhile investments for your quality of sleep and are an essential accessory to enrich your sleep experience; the impacts of which will be felt throughout your waking day.

If you’re still having trouble deciding between our luxury mattresses, our Customer Experience Team are always happy to chat pocket springs, luxury fillings, and more, to help partner you with your ideal mattress and create a match made in heaven.