You’ve been putting it off. Trying not to look at it. Avoiding going in that room. But now the time has come - you can no longer ignore the armoire in the room. It’s time to move that heavy wardrobe.

Whether you’re moving house, re-decorating rooms or simply searching for a more harmonious styling of a space, we know that moving heavy furniture on your own is a hassle. Attempted without the proper precautions, it can also be dangerous. But fear not – the stylists at French Bedroom have amassed their collective experience to put your armoire agonies at ease, and ensure you know how to move heavy furniture easily and safely.

There are two stages to moving heavy furniture. The first, and perhaps the most important, is preparation.

Avoid Armoire Agonies

If you are moving anything particularly heavy, like a French wardrobe (or anything else that would warrant not just an expletive but a trip to the hospital if it were to land on your foot) then make sure you’re wearing sturdy shoes. The ideal type would have steel toe caps, but they may not be a staple of everyone’s closet! Choose the sturdiest pair you own to protect your feet from stubbed toes or injury.

Weighty Wardobe? Lighten Things Up

No, we’re not suggesting you meditate or listen to a mood-boosting podcast. (Although it might help make the task more pleasant!) Remember to empty your armoire of clothes, cushions, bedding, and knickknacks to remove any extra weight. If your French wardrobe has any drawers, we recommend removing these as well, as they could slide out when the furniture is tipped and cause injury.

Do Some Armoire Dismantling

If you can take the armoire wardrobe apart, it’s a good idea to do so. Any pieces that can be removed, will help with manoeuvring the furniture.

Some of our French style wardrobes, such as our Provencal Classic White French Armoire can have the crest and inner shelving removed. Discover more about our White Glove and Armoire Service here.

Plan Your Wardrobe Placement

The final, and most important step in the preparation stage is… where are you going to put that heavy wardrobe once you’ve moved it? Where are you moving it to? You may already have an idea, but it’s a good idea to know precisely where in the room your furniture will end up. That way, if you have any other heavy items that need moving, you can do it in the right order. This saves significant time, not to mention the hassle of shifting pieces around once they’ve been moved.

Now you’ve made all your preparations, we can pass to the next phase: moving the wardrobe. A task that’s easier said than done.

Consider, will you be moving the furniture on your own, or do you have a helper? We recommend always having someone with you when attempting to lift or shift a weighty piece. There are many options for how to move a heavy wardrobe; here are some of our top methods.

Option 1: Furniture Sliders

French style wardrobes can be very heavy pieces, and you may find you are not able to lift it on your own. Furniture sliders are available in many homeware stores and can help with lighter items that can be tipped. Place a slider underneath each corner of the furniture with the smooth edge on the floor, and gently push.

Option 2: Moving Blankets

As the name suggests, moving blankets involve putting the whole blanket under the piece of furniture. Once placed, pull on the blanket and the whole piece will slide along with it. It’s much easier than lifting.

Option 3: Dollies

The golden rule for lifting heavy furniture is to always lift with your legs, NEVER with your back. Shoulder and forearm dollies are lifting straps that are worn around your shoulders or forearms and help to take the weight off your back. They give leverage and help you to use stronger muscles.

For very heavy items, a good option may be a moving dolly. They are available in all different sizes and make moving furniture a doddle. You’ll need a friend to help you place the item on the dolly.

Option 4: Movers

If you’re not feeling confident about moving your armoire or other heavy furniture, consider hiring movers. If you are only moving a few pieces, you can find surprisingly affordable rates and it may be worth the peace of mind – no risk of damage, broken furniture, or personal injury! Just a fabulous French armoire in the perfect spot.

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Now you know how to move a heavy wardrobe safely and effectively.

  1. Prepare by wearing sturdy shoes, emptying the armoire, and properly planning where it will be moved to.
  2. Use moving aids or a friend to help you, always lifting with your legs. Consider hiring movers if you’re not sure!