The versatility and timeless appeal of white bedside tables means that they are an iconic choice of furniture which can follow you through your different choices in upholstered bed frames and provide you with infinite styling opportunities. The benefits of a white bedside table are endless; white furniture can make a smaller space appear larger; they are adaptable to suit your different styling eras; and they give a clean appearance to your room. From your traditionally sized and shaped white bedside drawers to the more spacious white bedside cabinets, a white bedside table will elevate your bedroom aesthetic to a new level, and we promise you’ll love the way it looks!

Choosing the Right White Bedside Table

Choosing the right bedside table for your space is important – this is especially true when it comes to selecting the white bedside drawers of your dreams. Selecting a white bedside table will open up your space and will perfectly accompany almost any bed frame that you opt for.

Contemporary and Chic

Georgia is loving pairing the Windsor Garden Floral Upholstered Bed with the Avenue Blanc Grande Bedside Table to achieve a light, floral, and airy aesthetic, just in time for Spring. It features a removable tray, perfect for sleepy Sunday mornings spent eating your croissant and sipping your coffee. The Avenue Blanc Grande Bedside Table is spacious and elegant, and for those of us with limited space in the bedroom, is also available in a ‘petite’ size.

This collection combines the history and refinement of French style with aesthetically pleasing contemporary features, such as gentle and purposeful carvings and hand-carved trays atop the surface for increased functionality and practicality. Our customers love this smart and unique design feature, as well as the timeless and sophisticated appearance of this collection.

If you are strapped for space and searching for the perfect white bedside cabinet, this collection also boasts the generously sized Avenue Blanc 2-Door Cabinet. This bedside cabinet provides ample space to hide away any unwanted clutter, whilst allowing you further styling opportunities with a larger surface area to play around with.

Our team had endless fun styling this lovely bedside cabinet with the matching Avenue Blanc French Bed – from statement lamps to poofy pampas leaves stuffed into large vases and decorative urns – this is a bedside cabinet which brings a childlike sense of joy and curiosity in designing your personal sanctuary.

We can’t praise the versatility of this collection enough! Order your sample today to fall in love with the pure matt white finish, and distressed artisanal patina.

Feminine, French, and Fabulous

If you are searching for a more ornate, historical, and elaborate design, then look no further than our iconic and bestselling Provençal 2-Drawer White Rattan Bedside Table. Made from solid, carved mahogany wood, embellished with floral detailing running up the curvy cabriole legs, and hand-finished with Antique White, this is a unique legacy piece to be passed down through generations.

Not only is it versatile in its styling opportunities, fabulously French and feminine to a tee, but it is also surprisingly sizeable, including a sturdy rattan shelf underneath the drawers for additional storage space. We adore rattan as a sustainable and robust material – if you would like to learn more about our love for rattan, follow this link to our rattan buying guide.

The Provençal 2-Drawer White Rattan Bedside Table lends itself to vast styling opportunities, but Georgia is especially enjoying pairing it with the beautifully feminine Tea & Chantilly Upholstered Bed. The Provençal bedside table gives prominence to the rich ivory detailing and the established method of stitching used along the headboard.

To further accentuate the wonderfully French and feminine aesthetic, add the Violetta in Paris wall art. Painted in soft, pale hues, the antique white frame is printed onto the canvas to give the impression of a 3D frame. The dainty and antique white frame will perfectly complement your new lavish white bedside drawers and will highlight the luxurious French style in your bedroom.

Maintenance Advice

We understand that some people may have reservations about investing in white bedroom furniture; it is known to show any dust, dirt, or yellowing much more clearly than a bedside table with a natural wooden finish. This can be true – if you are currently unaware of how to properly clean and maintain it.

To ensure your gorgeous new white bedside drawers are kept looking sparkling and fresh, we recommend dusting the surface and frame once a week. For a deeper clean, use a microfiber cloth and warm, mild soapy water to gently massage out any stains or dust build-ups, and use a new and clean damp cloth to remove any excess. We recommend softly wiping down the surfaces of your white furniture, and using a non-abrasive soap to ensure the finish is not accidentally removed whilst you clean.

Remember that your French Bedroom furniture is handmade from all-natural materials so ensure to dry it properly when you have finished dusting and wiping your furniture down.

As always, we love to see how you style your timeless white bedside tables – if you enjoyed the process of styling them as much as we do, share some photos of the outcome and we would love to share these on our Styled by You page and on our socials to inspire others styling journeys!