Choosing furniture is a decision we tend to ponder for some time – with very good reason. Furniture is an investment, and we want to ensure each piece is great quality, will stand the test of time and that we won’t change our mind once the furniture is in our home.

Our bedroom is often our sanctuary, where we find solace at the end of a busy day and can shut out the world. With that in mind, choosing bedroom furniture that reflects this is key. Deciding on a bed is probably the trickiest decision, but what about bedside tables, which will likely be one of your most frequently used pieces of furniture? From holding our trinkets to our morning coffee, our bedside tables serve many purposes, and we should take the time to consider their purchase.

What Types of Bedside Tables Do French Bedroom Sell?

At French Bedroom, we offer a range of bedside tables and cabinets, with something to suit each aesthetic, from classic to contemporary and from natural wood to painted. As with any luxury piece of furniture, a luxury bedside table is made just that by the level of workmanship that goes into it, as well as the quality of the materials and the way in which it was made. French Bedroom pieces are designed to be your heirlooms, which will grow to be the antiques of the future.

How to Choose the Right Bedside Table for You.

When choosing a luxury bedside table, we recommend first deciding how you want to feel in the space. Do you want something dark and moody, bright and airy or something in between?

For those who adore the clean cut, minimaluxe aesthetic, the Avenue Blanc Bedside Tables are ideal and are available in a choice of two sizes – Petite & Grande – to ensure that even the most compact bedrooms can have a touch of luxury.

To add a touch of light to a dark room, the Cabinet d’Amour has dark hardware to match the existing décor, while the curvature of the edges adds a touch of romantic femininity.

While bedside tables are essentially a style choice, they are also ultimately extra storage. Many of our bedside tables include two drawers to maximise storage space, such as the French Romance Bedside Table, which is handcrafted from oak wood. To create a balance of storage space and display space, the L’Amour 2-Drawer Bedside Table and the Love Story Carved Bedside Table both offer drawer space and a small shelf, ideal for hiding away the things you don’t want on display and showing off the things you do.

If you would like any advice on which bedside table to pair with your French Bedroom furniture, our dedicated stylists are always on hand to assist.