April is the month we wake up the garden after winter. This is signalled by the blooming of the glorious corsage-like flowers on our peony tree. The tree is a rare specimen and was planted by the previous owners of the house nearly 40 years ago and each year it gains more flowers. It's a rare spectacle and true joy, not just to us but to passers-by as well, peeling out the bells of spring from its humungous fuchsia pink petals.  

We are planning an exciting garden renovation next month, as well as a kitchen ‘face lift’, so its mood boards aplenty on our dining table right now! More to follow as the projects take shape.

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in Lake Como recently. A true bucket-list destination, Lake Como has inspired poets, artists, and writers for generations. The best way to see the lake and surrounding areas is by foot, so we maxed-out our step count whilst admiring the romantic old world Italian charm and the impressive architectural world of columns, balustrades, frescoes, and murals. 

The area is famed for its silk due to the historic silk mill there, steeped in history it's a place like no other. We rented vintage Vespas to visit the small villages surrounding the lake (thank you to Slow Emotions Vespa Tours – you were the highlight of our trip!), dined at Villa d’Este and hired a small boat for a couple of hours, and yes, we popped by to take a sneak-peak at George’s villa in all its splendour and Romanesque glory.  

Meanwhile, back at FB HQ, our design team are busier than ever creating collections of bedspreads, bed linen and cushions to enrapture and delight even the darkest of rooms.  Think Indonesian ikat, Indian hand-block and of course French toile! We’re also poised to confirm the exact tones of a darker colourway of our most-loved Gustavian Collection, more refined and defined, the deeper hues will give rooms a more ‘established’ look and feel, whilst still delicate and linear, with every detail well-considered.

On 10th May French Bedroom celebrates our 18th Birthday, and I think back to what triggered me to start French Bedroom, what lit my fire and provided the fuel to drive me to take the plunge.  In 2006 I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and it was from the summit (at sunrise) that I decided to start French Bedroom.  It was of course a risk, and something I’d not done before, but I knew that if I didn’t even try then I certainly couldn’t succeed.  My watch-words for 2024 are ‘happiness lies on the other side of hard’.  Running a business isn’t plain sailing, but we’ve adjusted our sails many a time, and not just learnt the ropes, but re-created them.  And when it’s born out of passion, the drive comes easily, it becomes an extension of your hobby and the weeks fly by – plus you get to have some fun along the way too!  

So here’s to a great start of peony season 2024, may the wind be in your sails and the waves swell your spirits.

signature of Georgia Metcalfe. Founder and Creative Director of French Bedrom

Brunch With Jade

The newest member of the French Bedroom team, Jade sits within the Marketing Team and is our guru in all things social media and community engagement. We caught up with Jade to find out how she spends her time when she’s not brainstorming new content ideas or chatting with our social media followers.

Describe your perfect Sunday

The perfect Sunday always starts with a lazy morning. I live in a coastal town so a walk along the seafront or across the cliffs is always a great way to reset on a Sunday afternoon, followed by a roast dinner – with all the trimmings, of course.

What is your favourite self-care activity?

I would choose a bath instead of a shower any day, so a nice long soak followed by a good pamper session is my favourite way to unwind. I’ll use all my lotions and potions, a hair mask and listen to a podcast to finish off the perfect self-care evening.

What's your favourite French Bedroom creation?

The Love Story Olive Velvet Upholstered Finial Bed! Everything from the tone of the wood to the luxurious deep green velvet is beautiful. The high footboard completely elevates the aesthetic, making the bed a real statement piece.

What's your top tip for getting to sleep?

Despite social media being the main part of my job, I try to stay away from social media in the leadup to bedtime, otherwise I know I’ll get lost in a sea of reels and memes, and probably end up searching for holidays after seeing a photo of someone on the beach!

I find that going through my skincare routine and getting everything ready for the next morning kickstarts my brain into preparing for bed.

What's your go-to guilty pleasure?

80s music!! Despite being born the next decade, 80s power ballads are my ultimate guilty pleasure. If I’m going on a solo road trip, you can guarantee I will be singing my heart out to anything from Joy Division to Madonna.