Florals have received a fresh facelift in this season’s avant-garde fashion trend, following the 2024 Met Gala’s enchanting theme: “The Garden of Time”. Trends from the fashion industry inevitably garner attention in the world of interior design, with this emerging trend being heralded as “modern femininity” by Sheerluxe, and “the new pretty” by Livingetc.

Whilst the subtlety of soft pastels and curved edges has had its place in the “minimaluxe” trend, this has now extended to include a juxtaposition between this softness with bold details and colours, playful ruffles, and an abstract dreaminess which evokes a feeling of feminine, high fashion and echoes thoughts of a gentle breeze travelling through an open window at dusk, creating movement and space through a tender connection with sheer, natural linen curtains.

There are endless options to choose from to reproduce the “modern femininity” trend to fit your own version of what femininity means to you and we couldn’t be happier that this new take on styling has risen to the occasion; as a female founded brand pridefully declaring the timelessness of feminine style, let us walk you through how to emulate “the new pretty” trend in your home, infused with your own personality and meaning.

The Springboard for Feminine Styling:

There are a few key themes to fit into your space to ensure it has the foundations required to establish the room as a modern take on feminine styling. Forget the dull greys of the past, the harsh, masculine lines in your furniture, and the stifling of colours and frills. Think of the minimaluxe trend, of incorporating curved edges into the space to soften the view that your eyes drink in. Think of curved bed frames in delicate colours, like our elegant and cosy Debutante Pale Blue Velvet Upholstered Bed, complete with contrasting ivory piping along the headboard and footboard, perfect for those of us who want to achieve the graceful style of modern femininity without introducing too many patterns. 

Utilise tactile textures such as fluffy wool, heavenly bouclé, and sumptuous silks to create a layered, three-dimensional space that you can’t wait to sink into.

With this in mind, let’s see how multifaceted the new modern femininity trend can really be, as we offer some different, and some may say opposing, ideas for how to create a feminine haven of your own.

Pretty in Pastels

You’ve heard of pretty in pink, but “the new pretty” focuses on the use of soft, muted pastels which create an almost ethereal space. This version of modern femininity uses archetypes of femininity – gentle, graceful, delectably inoffensive, which is recreated through soft textures, curved edges, and muted hues – but with a fresh, modern twist. Think whimsical ruffles, sheer lace, and the gentle flow of movement created by these all-important features.

We’re picturing a light-filled bedroom, with sheer 100% natural linen curtains, a deeply rich faux fur rug which encases your toes when stepped on, against the natural, light hardwood floors to provide a sense of grounding and stability. Imagine crisp white sheets on the curved bed frame of the Tea & Chantilly Upholstered Bed, like our Joyous Jacquard White Bed Linen Set, with the dainty pattern of the Soufrise Ditsy Floral Bed Quilt effortlessly layered on top. To add extra depth, layer a snug, plain throw over the top of a patterned one; we think the Dreamy Cotton Bedspread in Ivory is perfect for this. Add the gossamer lace and subtle floral embroidery of the Brigitte Bedroom Cushions and your bedroom is off to a wonderful start.

Provide some contrast and balance by selecting a few finishing touches which have more typically “masculine” features, a splash of black or silver detailing, or a piece of furniture which has strictly straight lines, such as a coffee or console table.

The new pretty trend is airy yet elevated, elegant yet comforting and will make you want to cocoon yourself inside the reassurance it provides. Drawing inspiration from traditional femininity, and providing its own contemporary and playful twist, any room styled with this inspiration will shine as an emblem of the pride of the soft side of femininity.

There is no one way to be feminine, and the same is true when it comes to interiors and fashion.”

The Bold Type

There is no one way to be feminine, and the same is true when it comes to interiors and fashion. Whether you want to create a soft, muted, and safe haven which is easy to consume, or whether you want to build a loud, proud, and boldly lavish room which captures the attention and ensnares the senses, there is space for you in this trend.

Creating a space which is bold but not overwhelming or overstimulating is a talent in itself, but hopefully these tenets can offer some guidelines to work within when creating your fabulous boudoir.

The key to unlocking a bold style is to utilise the advice given for the new pretty aesthetic – the curved edges, the tactile materials, but to also mix this with an emblazoned twist. Introduce balance to the room, if you have selected a white, plump, bouclé chair that you could fall into like Alice down the rabbit hole, offset this with something solid, like a thick wooden coffee table made from walnut or mahogany, or perhaps opt for a tinted glass table which offers the illusion of more space and texture whilst adding a contemporary touch. Florals have been reintroduced to the fashion and interiors world with a new twist and we are loving how Pearl’s Place in Frome, Somerset have styled this.

Using a statement wallpaper with gorgeous florals, we love the way they have successfully styled this to create a feminine aesthetic.

Pearl’s Place in Frome, Somerset

If you’re not a fan of florals, there are plenty of other ways to embolden your space and give it a luxurious edge. Using jewel tones to accentuate the soft colours, and employing hard materials, like solid wood, metal, marble, and glass to counter the bouclé, faux fur, and silks is a wonderful way to display balance and add a subtle assertiveness to your room.

Using the soft aesthetic of the Love In Idleness Reversible Upholstered Bed and the pale oatmeal of the Vanilla & Sesame 5-Drawer Chest of Drawers and matching bedside tables, we recommend using bold prints, such as our beautiful Toile Blue Table Lamp, the Country Toile Blue Bed Linen, and Ikat Embroidered Blue Cushion. We love this look, made of tonal hues of blue, and playing on the traditional soft aesthetic with a new and exciting edge.

Altogether, this new trend offers a new way to create spaces which are personalised, expressive, and inviting, and more importantly: infused with meaning. It encourages us to thoughtfully select individual pieces, and as a result, perhaps inadvertently encouraging slow fashion in the interiors industry. This new trend relies so heavily on the tastes of the individual creating the space and asks us to select furniture and detailing which makes us feel something.

We invite you to create your own modern feminine sanctuary, using the tips and tricks we have offered in this article. Share them with us on social media to inspire our team and our followers alike!