It’s important for your children to have a bedroom they’re proud of. This is their space to express themselves, a haven of tranquillity to unwind in, a place of comfort to call their own. With over 130,000 uses of the hashtags #childrensbedroom and #childrensbedroomdécor on Instagram, it is clear parents are looking for ways to create the perfect timeless bedroom for their kids to grow up in.

Although your child’s bedroom is their place to express themselves, it’s important to place quality over fads and create a space that’s grows with your child, rather than a space they quickly grow out of. We’ve pulled together our top tips for creating a beautiful bedroom that both you and your little ones adore.

Choose Soft and Neutral Base Colours

There is no need to interrupt the scheme of your house with brightly coloured walls that need changing every other year. Instead, opt for a soft and neutral backdrop to provide simplicity and sophistication, allowing for other areas to stand out. Using accessories such as luxury bedding, cushions, photographs, posters, and toys, you can embed your child’s personality into the room whilst also providing a minimal base that can be adapted as they mature.

Pick Quality French Furniture

Trends and themes are likely to be grown out of quickly. A bed shaped like a car, or a castle shaped chest of drawers will be a novelty for a few years before it needs replacing. Instead, opt for quality French Furniture, such as an upholstered bed or solid mahogany drawers that will stand the test of time.

Your child can still put their stamp on the room with accessories that can be easily swapped out as their interests change, and their furniture will remain looking beautiful for years. Not only this, but it’s better for our environment to choose pieces that stand the test of time, rather than furniture that regularly needs replacing. 

Layer Furniture with Accessories

Nothing quite says a teenager’s bedroom than a wall covered with posters, photographs, art, and more. Younger children love to display their toys, making their bedroom a fun place to reside in after a day at school.

Allow your child to express their individuality through creating displays of their favourite teddies and toys, on shelving units that can be re-purposed to shelve other items when their interests change. Popping posters and photos in frames rather than sticking them on with blue tack also creates a mess free wall when the re-design phase inevitably arrives - gallery walls are so in now!

Create a Calm Space Using Symmetry

It is so important for children to feel comforted when they spend time in their bedroom, so it’s crucial to use furniture in a way that creates a calm environment for them to re-balance themselves in. Symmetry helps to create a timeless room by bringing a sense of balance, allowing our brains to relax and remember where everything should be.

You can utilise this psychological trick by making the bed the focal point, pairing matching bedside tables and lamps on either side. Using similar framed posters or toy scattered shelves on the wall can also add character without making the room feel too busy.

We’re passionate about utilising French furniture in all rooms of the home. By doing this, you’re creating a timeless base to adapt as either your own, or your child’s, design interests change, all whilst keeping our planet in mind.

Every parent wants to give their child the bedroom of their dreams, but as children grow up so fast, it isn’t practical to replace furniture every few years. By using neutral bases and timeless pieces, their bedroom can be refreshed as and when necessary, without needing to re-purchase the larger pieces. Personalise through artwork and toys and et voilà! A timeless bedroom you and your child will adore.