February, the month of the crêpe and St Valentine, or closer to home at French Bedroom, new products, new challenges and new services. The team have been connected, creative and kind, our office is a safe haven from the grey, soaked scenery.

This month we launched the True Grace home fragrances, handmade and hand poured in Wiltshire, these irresistible scents have been extremely popular. We chose to launch two very different collections to match to different natures; some of us are still enjoying the cosiness of winter, whilst others keenly transition to spring. The Manor Collection fragrances are reminiscent of a trip to a historic manor house, exploring decadence through intricate olfactory notes of grandeurs past. Whilst The Village Collection reflects everything we love about the English countryside, from roses, to lilies, to seashore.

For me, spring has always been my favourite season. The fresh, bright mornings of the early days of spring feel closer; change is in the air. I’ve been practicing methods to embrace change and enjoy change.  The old adage of ‘A change is as good as a rest’ is ringing in my ears. From changing our style of clothes, to moving house or jobs, or our children growing older, change is constant. My friend suggested I practice daily gratitude, before getting out of bed, listing in order ‘today I choose to’ or ‘today I get to’ – rather than ‘today I must’. I haven’t quite mastered this wholesome daily exercise, there are certainly still days that begin with ‘I must, I must, I must!’. Give it a go, see how you feel, the team have been trying it out too.

My children are getting older and certainly braver. We recently went skiing to the Alps with our children, it was delightful to see them speeding down black runs, much faster than me – officially ranking me the slowest skier in the family.  A change one must accept!    

As a brand we embrace change constantly. We’ve been sensing a change in the style direction our customers choose for their homes and adapting our designs appropriately. Welcoming natural wood, linen upholstery, a move away from sumptuous buttoning to modest upholstery and rattan. From black and gold to white wash and reclaimed wood, from velvet to linen, and from ornate to understated.  Our customers want their taste to reflect their sentiments towards what is happening on a macro level in our world, and perhaps palatial gold isn’t the style of choice right now. 

There will always be a place in our heart for the traditional Palais de Versailles-style gold gilt designs of the Louis kings and the lavender-filled Provencal gites of flag-stoned farmhouses which is why we’ve opened a new area on our site: The Archive. The new home of our classics collections and timeless treasures.

Keep an eye on socials. For those who shop with us, recommend us to friends and generally cheer us on, we’re launching some fun social giveaways. As a female-dominant team, we recognise the importance of calendar dates such as Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day, which is why we are so eager to share our upcoming competitions.

Final thought, as many of you will be aware, the passing of the legendary Steve Wright has been felt by the nation. We send our love and thoughts to his family. Listening to Steve Wright in The Afternoon on Radio 1 in the 80s and 90s was a huge part of my childhood and, more recently, his Sunday Love Songs were the backdrop to our slow downs on a Sunday. A hugely talented DJ who brought the fun of US-style radio to the UK. Thank you, Steve.

signature of Georgia Metcalfe. Founder and Creative Director of French Bedrom

Sunday Discoveries

The Kalibu collection is all hand made in Malawi. ‘Kalibu’ is a Swahili word which means "come, let’s eat together". It embodies the sentiment and design of the Kalibu items that bring people together at home. Each of the pieces in this rattan furniture collection have been handwoven by skilled artisans and will bring a touch of nature to any space.

Kalibu Natural Rattan Chair

Perfect for evening book reading or as a dining chair, paired with a bold printed cushion to evoke feelings of summer.

Kalibu Rattan Side Table

Doubling up as a side table or a bedside table, this multi-purpose piece complements both living room and bedroom spaces beautifully.

Kalibu Rattan Sofa

Bringing an elevated, artisanal touch to outdoor living spaces or the corner of a room, this traditional 2 seater is perfect for adding natural elements to your décor.

Brunch With Fiona

Meet Fiona, founder of Their Nibs, to discover her stunning company specialising in eye-catching pyjamas and lifestyle accessories.

You launched Their Nibs over 20 years ago - what has the journey been like?

It’s been a rollercoaster. A little bit like bringing up a 3rd child for me - ups and downs and lots of drama! Their Nibs originally started as a fun and eclectic kidswear shop in Notting Hill, offering vintage-inspired clothing for 'His Nibs', 'Her Nibs' and 'Little Nibs’ (playing on the sarcastic Northern phrase ‘his nibs’). We’ve since moved online and evolved into the collective ’Their Nibs’, predominantly a women-focused brand that celebrates whimsical prints, vibrant colour and feeling good!

A percentage of your profits are donated to Coram. Could you tell us more about why this partnership is meaningful to you? 

Coram is an amazing children's charity that helped us through the adoption process with our wonderful little girl. We are 6 years into our journey with our daughter - it has been challenging but so worth every minute. I call her 'my warrior' because she really is one! Just like every other little person who needs their forever family, and Coram facilitates that process in the best way.

Our donations last year funded two mindfulness courses for adoptive parents - the aim is to build a sustainable 'mindful community' of adoptive parents with mindfulness training and support as a post-adoption offer to all those with children in placement. Our funding is playing an essential role in realising this ambition, and we couldn’t be prouder!

Sum up your brand in 3 words. 

Luxurious, Affordable, Joyful. 

If you could only own one piece from Their Nibs, what would it be and why?

Our iconic Satin Navy Peacock Traditional Pyjamas. This print was designed in lockdown and remains our best-selling print to date! It’s a testament to our timeless designs - we want our designs to have longevity and be worn again and again!

We all have a brand we dream about partnering with. Tell us about yours.

Now that’s an easy one - Anthropologie. It’s a brand I so resonate with and just love their style and aesthetic.