It’s a situation we’ve all been in. You’re admiring a beautiful set of bed linen but can’t remember the size of your bed. Or perhaps you’ve been trying to fit a fitted sheet over the mattress which won’t quite give and you’re wondering if it’s a size too small. No matter the reason you find yourself here, we’ve put a guide together for you to make sure problems with bed linen measurements are a thing of the past - all you’ll need is your tape measure.

UK Bed Linen SizesDimensions (Imperial)Dimensions (Metric)
UK Single4'5" x 4'7"135 x 140cm
UK Double4'7" x 6'7"140 x 200cm
UK King Size7'5" x 7'3"225 x 220cm
UK Super King Size8'6" x 7'3"260 x 220cm
UK Large Emperor9'6" x 7'9"290 x 235cm

What Size Is UK Single Bed Linen?

For those seeking the compact comfort of a single bed, our selection at French Bedroom caters perfectly to children or individuals desiring a snug retreat. Single beds, with their space-efficient design, are an excellent choice for optimizing bedroom space. To ensure your single bed is as inviting as possible, adorn it with bed linen specifically sized at 140 x 200cm. This dimension guarantees your duvet covers and sheets will snugly fit, creating a beautifully inviting and cozy bed that beckons you to curl up in comfort.

What Size Is UK Double Bed Linen?

Double beds strike the perfect balance for couples in more compact sleeping quarters or for individuals who appreciate a little extra stretching space. To achieve the ideal aesthetic and functional fit, it's crucial to select double bed linen that adheres to the standard dimensions of 135 x 140cm. This size ensures that every inch of your mattress is elegantly covered, providing a seamless look and an irresistibly comfortable sleeping environment. With bed linen tailored to these dimensions, your double bed becomes a haven of relaxation and style.

What Size Is UK King Size Bed Linen?

Elevate your sleeping experience with a king size bed, where the luxury of space means you'll never have to compromise on comfort. The bed linen designed for a king size bed measures 225 x 220cm, catering specifically to those who need a little extra length to avoid the dreaded cold feet syndrome. This generous sizing ensures that every corner of your bed is covered in elegance, providing a plush and inviting look that enhances your bedroom's ambiance. Opt for king size bed linen to enjoy an unrivaled level of comfort and style, making your bed a luxurious retreat.

What Size Is UK Super King Bed Linen?

For those who cherish expansive sleeping spaces, the super king bed offers unparalleled roominess, ensuring that couples can enjoy their personal space without compromise. The bed linen for a super king bed is sized at 260 x 220cm, making it an ideal choice not only for those seeking extra width but also for taller individuals who appreciate the additional length. This generous dimension envelops your bed in luxury, ensuring that every inch is covered in comfort and style. Choose super king bed linen to transform your sleeping space into a sumptuous sanctuary of relaxation.

What Size Is UK Large Emperor Bed Linen?

The large emperor bed stands as the pinnacle of spacious luxury in the UK, offering an expansive canvas for the ultimate in bedroom indulgence. To dress such a magnificent bed, emperor bed linen measures an impressive 290 x 235cm. This grand size is perfect for accommodating a family for cozy movie nights or simply for enveloping yourself in unparalleled comfort and elegance. With bed linen of this magnitude, your large emperor bed becomes the centerpiece of your bedroom, inviting everyone to experience its lavish comfort and generous proportions.

Bed Linen Sizes:
Single Bed Linen - 135 x 140 cm.
Double Bed Linen - 140 x 200 cm.
King Size Bed Linen - 225 x 220 cm.
Super King Bed Linen - 260 x 220 cm.
Emperor Bed Linen - 290 x 235 cm.

Fitted Sheet Sizes

You can always use the size of your mattress to work out the size of fitted sheet you need, as these measurements will always match. Head over to our guide to UK mattress sizes which explains the size of each mattress.

UK Fitted Sheet SizesDimensions (Imperial)Dimensions (Metric)
UK Single3’0” x 6’3” x 1'0"90cm x 190cm x 30cm
UK Double4’5” x 6’3” x 1'0"135cm x 190cm x 30cm
UK King Size5’0” x 6’6” x 1'0"150cm x 200cm x 30cm
UK Super King Size6’0” x 6’6” x 1'0"180cm x 200cm x 30cm
UK Emperor Size7’0” x 7’0” x 1'0"215cm x 215cm x 30cm