Our customers love our furniture, and of course everyone loves getting the best price too, so we often get asked if we have a sale coming up, especially as we approach Black Friday. We would like to properly explain why, and how we do things differently and honestly at French Bedroom.  

To start with, we appreciate quality, timeless pieces. We hope our furniture will be enjoyed for decades to come, and like to think of them as treasured legacy pieces, handed down as heirlooms to our future generations. 

We love it when customers ask us for advice on selection and styling. When customers ask us which piece would go best with existing wall coverings or flooring, our aim is to help customers understand that our French-style beds will endure longer than the envisaged paint, future wallpapers, carpets or even house! It is always better to opt for the piece that is calling your heart rather than matching it with your current colour scheme. That way, it will always bring you joy, no matter the decorations - you can then have fun accessorising as the mood may take you! 

Our armoires, dressing tables and French Style Beds have been carved by hand, by master craftsmen. Skills that have been perfected from apprentice, through years of practice, before they get to turn their hands to the creations we have the privilege to offer. Knowledge of the best way to bring out the beauty in the wood and how to carve intricate details by hand, is a skill, honed over time until it becomes second nature.   

There are many layers of paint, careful distressing and finishes that go into creating the warm patina and understated-luxury of our French furniture. That is why we cannot give a straightforward answer when people ask the closest colour on a chart; the finish is such that it changes in different lights and hidden colours emerge when next to specific shades. For this reason, we suggest requesting a sample to see for yourself (which we post out to our UK based customers free of charge) then you can see how the colour and patina looks as the light of day changes.  

We believe the hard work and dedication that goes into every piece deserves a fair wage. Meaning we couldn’t, nor would we want to, compete on price with retailers who do things differently.  

As a family business; we also made a commitment to offer our customers the best price that we can all year round, you can rest assured that there isn’t a sale around the corner. We are also regularly approached by interior designers and trade customers requesting discounts, but we believe in fairness, the price you see on our website is the price everyone pays. We offer quality items that we believe provide incredible value. To make it easier to buy a legacy piece we work with a partner who offers interest-free credit for larger purchases. 

When we buy a special dress or a pair of shoes, we often justify the price as a ‘cost per wear’. If your French Bed were to last you 40 years, a £1,500 bed would be 10p per sleep! If you consider how long this piece will last you, and how much time you’ll spend enjoying it - then maybe it is worth comparing it to how much you spent on your car? Our French beds and antique-style armoires will still be going strong when cars are obsolete!  

So, we say, shop less - get more! Invest in beautiful, hand carved, quality pieces you’d hand down to your children’s children and be mindful when shopping in November. How many of your friends bought things they truthfully loved on ‘Black Friday’?