At French Bedroom, we adore patterned headboards! So much so that we’ve launched not one, not two, but three new beds in the past few months, which are adorned in the most delectable patterned fabrics.

We appreciate styling any patterned headboard may seem a daunting task, so we sat down with our stylists to share some of our top tips on the variety of ways you can style these centre pieces, perfect for any boudoir!

Make your headboard the focal point of your room

You’ve chosen a beautiful headboard, so naturally, you’d like for it to take centre stage. Stick to a neutral base palette, picking out the key colours of the headboard to unify the room with bedroom accessories such as cushions and bedside table flowers.

An example of this can be seen through the way we have styled our Settle into Silence bed. Our stylists explain they have chosen to pull on the hints of grey/silver from the headboard to unify the bedspread and lamp. This is then united with pops of pink cushions and bedside flowers to complement the roses in the fabric. Everything else has been kept extremely neutral, not removing any attention from the exquisite headboard.

This can be replicated using any patterned headboard. Just choose 1-2 complementary colours to bring together the bedroom, sticking to a neutral base everywhere else. This will ensure your headboard remains centre stage and remove any unwanted visual mess from a mis-match of accompanying colours.

Pair with natural woods for a rustic feel

Patterned upholstered beds lend themselves very well to a rustic chic. Perfect for both those cosy autumn nights and the bright summer days, you can utilise the uniqueness of a patterned headboard to create the perfect country interior.

Focusing again on neutral colours as a base, tie in brick work, reclaimed wood, and a variety of worldly accessories collected from travels, car boot sales, and even home-made pieces to perfect the look! Dress the bed in fabrics such as cotton or linen and voila! A rustic bedroom like no other.

Create a sleek setting for your bed to sit in

A common misconception is that floral fabrics are ‘old fashioned’, which we certainly don’t believe is the case! In fact, florals are making a huge comeback, being featured in fashion as well as homes and interiors.

A floral bed is perfect for growing with you and can be styled in a multitude of ways as your taste adjusts through the years.

Create a sleek, modern feel by using contemporary accessories such as glass lighting and unique mirrors. We’ve adopted this aesthetic when styling our Love in Idleness Reversible Upholstered Bed, using large glass pendant lights with brass fittings alongside a frameless scalloped mirror.

Complement further with crisp white bed linen, avoiding a clutter of decorative cushions, to create an interior that looks hot off the press.

Take the pattern and run

Now, we’re not suggesting you pick up the headboard and go for a jog! But we are suggesting that you get bold with your pattern pairing and adopt a maximalist approach.

Maximalist room décor is all about taking an idea, a colour, a scheme, a period, or even a print and just running with it, and it’s so in right now.

Choose a few key colours from the headboard and utilise them when unifying the bedroom, choosing opposing patterns on your bed linen, rugs, cushions, and more! Embrace eclecticism and mix modern prints with classic, incorporate different shapes and textures, and just have fun – more is more!

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to have some fun with print! Patterned headboards are the perfect addition to any boudoir and can look stylish in a multitude of interiors, growing with you as your taste and style changes.