A bed is undeniably the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, especially if you choose a super king size bed. With a substantial amount of floor space instantly taken, it is a good idea to consider mapping the rest of your room to ensure the space does not feel overcrowded, even if you have ample floor space.

The bed should be the centrepiece, with each additional piece of furniture added in to add to the beauty of the bed and enhance the overall aesthetic you have chosen to create.

To accompany your super king size bed frame, choose a high-quality mattress to suit your needs. We love the Paris Pillow Top 3000 Luxury Mattress for its medium support, overall comfort and, added bonus, the pillow top means that it doesn’t need to be flipped over time.

When choosing your colour scheme, the first two things to consider are how you want the space to make you feel and how much natural light flows into the room. These two considerations will form the perfect starting point. Whether you are going for a bright and airy feel or want the space to feel dark and moody, a super king size bed provides plenty of space to experiment with bedscaping, adding layers of beautiful cushions and tactile bedspreads to add depth and texture, making your bed that extra bit more inviting at the end of a busy day.

For those of us with large bedrooms and requiring a lot of storage space, consider using chests or cabinets as your bedside tables, such as the Avenue Blanc 2-Door Cabinet, which is larger than a standard beside table but smaller than a luxurious chest of drawers.

If space is limited, consider adding storage pieces that are taller rather than wide, such as the Forest Grove Tallboy Chest of Drawers, to store your belongings without sacrificing valuable floor space.