Indoor plants have been the craze for years now. We’ve all become passionate about bringing the outside world inside of our home, brightening our living space with fresh green leaves and pretty flowers, emulating an indoor jungle that brings peace and joy to our interiors. We’ve enjoyed the indoor plant trend so much so that a few of our bed designs have been inspired by this floral joy, such as the Tournier Garden Upholstered Bed and the Windsor Garden Floral Upholstered Bed.

As people who are just as passionate about restful sleep as we are timeless furniture, we’ve collated a list of the best indoor plants to pop into your bedroom to help you relax and unwind, turning your bedroom into a true sanctuary for a restful night sleep every single night.


First, we have the incredible Valerian plant, which is known for its sleep-inducing qualities. Valerian root is often found in natural sleep-aids due to its relaxing qualities, and the ingredient has been used for centuries to assist with sleep issues, making it a desirable plant to keep in your boudoir.

This delicate plant will look beautiful bedside your gorgeous French bed, or popped upon your classic chest of drawers, due to its adorable small pink and white flowers. It’s a delicate plant, making it perfect to pair alongside larger plants, such as the Snake Plant, which also has fantastic sleep benefits that we will discuss later on.


Our next favourite plant for aiding sleep is the Jasmine plant. This fantastic plant has relaxation properties and is known to ease the body from anxiety, making it a fantastic plant to keep nearby throughout your slumber. As a plant that is easy to care for, you can pop it in your favourite pot beside your bed and enjoy the sweet scent it gives out.

Jasmine plants have pretty white flowers surrounded by dancing green leaves which pair beautifully with dark browns. We love dressing rattan beds such the Rafferty Rich Rattan Low Footboard Bed in crisp white bed linen and a floral bedspread, like the Meadow Blossom Cotton Quilted Bedspread, and then letting the plants create a jungle-like feel around the bed itself for a garden-like feel. 


Lavender is one of the most well-known plants for aiding relaxation, and with multiple studies proving its positive benefits on sleep, its popularity is well deserved. Placing a lavender plant in your bedroom will assist you with winding down, preparing your body and mind for sleep every night. The benefits of lavender go even further; keeping a lavender plant in your bedroom will lower your heart rate and blood pressure, alongside relax your muscles, making this plant one that looks and smells amazing, as well as benefiting you in a multitude of ways by aiding a deep sleep.

Dress your French Bed in Lavender Scented Cotton Fitted Sheets and Pillowcases to further utilise the benefits of this brilliant plant and drift into a sensational slumber every single night, without fail.

Snake Plant

Our next favourite addition to help you sleep better is the Snake Plant, due to its air purifying qualities. The Snake Plant converts carbon dioxide into oxygen through the night, as well as removing harmful chemicals from the air, which makes it a great option for your bedroom as it improves the quality of air you are sleeping in. Oxygen-rich air can promote a deeper, more peaceful night’s sleep, allowing for a clearer head in the morning.

The thick, green twisting leaves of the Snake Plant make it a quirky plant to keep in the home. We love how it looks beside oak, matching our Love Story Collection beautifully. Pop above the Love Story 3-Drawer Chest in a ceramic white pot for a pop of contrast, or pair the green of the leaves with the luxurious green velvet our Love Story Olive Velvet Upholstered Finial Bed is upholstered in to create a unified look. Should you wish to add a further floral element to your bedroom, dress your bed in floral bed linen, such as our Botanist Watercolour Floral Bed Linen Set, or alternatively pair the Snake Plant with other sleep benefitting plants such as Valerian, Jasmine or Lavender.

Aloe Vera

More famously known for its medicinal properties, Aloe Vera is a great addition to your bedroom to help you sleep. Similar to the Snake Plant, it produces oxygen through the night which purifies the air, meaning it will improve air quality, allowing for a more restful nights sleep. This plant is easier to care for than others as it is a succulent; by maintaining water in its leaves, it requires minimal watering. Alongside its sleep proven aids, you can use the gel from the leaves to treat insect bites, minor cuts and burns, and even as a moisturiser! A super versatile plant, it’s one that we recommend keeping in your home.

Aloe Vera plants have tall, thick green leaves which look perfect propped upon rustic, wooden bedside tables. The green pairs beautifully with gold, making a gold-framed wall mirror such as the Parisian Quatrefoil Wall Mirror another well-thought addition to the bedroom – the mirror will open the room, giving it a larger appearance, whilst the plant will bring nature within.

Now you know the best plants to place within your bedroom to improve your sleep, enjoy mixing and matching to reap the benefits and sleep soundly.