As the leaves change colour and the days get shorter, I am drawn to the gentle cascade of the sage coloured roses that envelope our Tumbling Roses collection.

A reminder for us to slow down, take stock and to embrace the pace of autumn. We can all take inspiration from the slowness of the season, as the leaves change colour slowly and drift from the trees at their own leisure. Might we all find a little inspiration as autumn arrives?

Slower Sundays, cosy evenings with the kids and the dog curled up on the sofa, a coffee still in the warmth of our thicker duvet. The run up to Christmas is always a joyful time to nest at home and nothing makes nesting cosier than layering up. From my wardrobe to the sofa I’m obsessed with chunky cable knits.

This month we joined the Grand Designs Live team and took French Bedroom on tour for the second time this year. Once again, we were blown away by the warmth of our customers, devoted and new. I was delighted to be invited to share some inspiration on stage at the show and thoroughly appreciated Dulux colour expert Stephanie King’s practical guidance on how to translate colour trends into reality with paint.

The wonderful and wise Suzanne Roynon from Interiors Therapy shared some unique tips on Feng Shui, a popular topic for our customers. Kevin McCloud and I swapped notes on the importance of timeless design and the value of homeowners meeting the makers behind the furniture they treasure. Could human connection and the respect of a true craftsperson be the key to reducing mass consumption?

A Room Of One's Own

As I took to the stage I wanted to balance practical guidance alongside my personal mission; empowering women to embrace what they really want from their bedroom.

The way we use the bedroom has changed so drastically since Covid that perhaps it should no be longer be called the bedroom but the ‘soul space’ or ‘recharge room’. My children already refer to their bedrooms as their ‘Zen Dens’. If children already get this, are we missing something as adults? In their uncomplicated lives, they intuitively understand the importance of having a sanctuary to retreat to, a personal hub.

French ladies had upstairs rooms of their own called their ‘boudoir’. The word boudoir originates from the French verb ‘bouder’ which translates as ‘to sulk’. A private sulking room. Imagine that. (Although mothers of teenagers will probably know that’s exactly what teenage bedrooms already are!)

Start by thinking about how you want to feel in a room. Whatever choice you make, it’s your choice to make. If it feels right to you, then it is – that’s enough. There is no blueprint for what your bedroom ‘should’ look like, if you can’t express who you really are in your bedroom, where can you?

Women are generally recognised to be nurturing and empathetic and that’s what matters when it comes making a house a home. Yet we struggle to get what we really want without feeling guilty.

You deserve to feel completely you, completely comfortable in your boudoir. That’s the difference between momentary happiness and long-term pleasure. Choosing pieces that are designed to last for decades. Don’t think about what an estate agent would deem palatable for ‘future buyers’. Think about all your days that come before that. On the most testing days, a room of one’s own will be your most prized possession.

signature of Georgia Metcalfe. Founder and Creative Director of French Bedrom

Sunday Discoveries


Needle & Thread just launched their new arrivals for the festive season. Feminine, timeless and adored with detail, we’re swooning over the elegant ruffles, pretty shapes and soft tones. The best bit, they also have a handful in age 3 – 12 for generations of gorgeousness this Christmas.



A Christmas list staple are these timeless, silky PJs from Bluebella. Add personalisation for an extra thoughtful touch. We love the black piping which adds a sophisticated finish. Our pink mulberry silk eye mask is the perfect partner.


Keeping with the pink theme, the press are loving this new in pink toile cushion. At just £40, it’s a luxe Christmas gift for the women in your life who love a hint of pretty, feminine touches in their homes that’ll feel like a real treat without pushing the purse. Choose timeless gifts this year and they’ll be treasured for years to come.

Brunch With Kai

Meet Kai, our newest addition to the French Bedroom Customer Experience team. We sat down for brunch with Kai and her cuddle companion, Billy the rescue cat.

Describe Your Perfect Sunday…

My perfect Sunday starts with a glorious and well-deserved lie-in, before being (rudely) awoken by my cat! I would take things slowly throughout the day, take my family’s dogs for a walk along the Downs, and then make a lovely meal for family/friends.

What Do You Love About French Bedroom?

I love how much French Bedroom care about their customers, staff, and the quality of their products alike. FB are a company that goes above and beyond, and it shows.

What’s Your Favourite Thing About Your Own Bedroom?

My Lily Lace White 500 Bed Linen Set! Absolute luxury – especially when paired with the Mulberry Silk Pillowcase. This duo makes slipping into bed at the end of the night an absolute dream!

How Do You Relax And Unwind After A Busy Day?

I like to get home and follow along to a yoga class in my living room. After that, I’ll have a chamomile tea in hand, candles on, warm lighting and some Netflix. A good chinwag over a glass of wine with a friend never fails, too!

People Are Obviously Very Important To You. What Is Your Favourite Thing About Working With People?

My favourite thing is being able to connect with people. Even when just providing support over the telephone – you can still share a laugh over some commonality and, hopefully, leave someone’s day all-the-better for it.