On average, we spend 33 years of our lifetime snuggled up in the comfort of our beloved bed, surrounded by our cosy duvet and pillows. This statistic illustrates the importance of your pillows being just right for you, ensuring your perfect night’s sleep.

With a wide variety of fillings available to rest your head upon each night, we appreciate it can seem impossible to work out which pillow is the best for you. We’ve collated a guide to help you choose the perfect pillow, making sure you get an amazing night’s sleep every single night, nestling your head upon pure comfort and serenity.

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Duck and Goose Down

Down is a high-quality material, often found in luxury pillows and duvets due to its endless positive features. Characterised by its light, fluffy, and airy nature, down is the coating found under the visible feathers seen on birds. It is lighter, softer, and more insulating than the outer feathers of a bird, and its scarcity is what makes it so luxurious – one of the best fillings money can buy.

Down assists in creating warmth through a process known as lofting. As down does not have long stems like feathers, it is a lot lighter and subsequently provides better insulation. With moisture wicking properties, it is much more breathable than other materials and can absorb the sweat released by our bodies during the night, which ensures for a restful night’s sleep. Alongside this, the breathability of the material helps to regulate temperature, giving it fantastic insulation properties for both winter and summer due to its heating and cooling features. Down filled pillows are often mixed with feathers, which help to provide an additional element of structure – the higher percentage of down, the fluffier the pillow will be.

Pillows filled with down are long-lasting, and the minimal stems make them mouldable to your head as you sleep, whilst still being soft and cuddly. The material is natural, which also makes down filled pillows a sustainable choice.

These gorgeous pillows exude luxury, whilst being a comfortable and long-lasting choice. The quality of down within your pillow is just as important as choosing the filling itself, which is why we offer some of the highest quality down and feather pillows on the market. Opt for our dreamy Vispring Pyrenean Duck Feather and Down Luxury Pillow which is filled with the finest blend of Pyrenean down and feathers (90% down, 10% feathers), or alternatively choose our delectable Vispring Hungarian Goose Feather and Down Luxury Pillow which is created from pure 100% Hungarian Goose Down and Feather.

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Feather and Down

Feathers are an equally comfortable choice of pillow filling. Feathers are taken from a bird’s wings and back, and these feathers are much flatter and have a distinct quill. Most companies add a percentage of down clusters to feather pillows for additional support and to prevent the feathers from flattening over time, which help with both comfort and longevity of this wonderful choice.

The feathers used in feather pillows are the ones that were once used to help keep the bird warm and dry, meaning you cannot pop a feather pillow in the washing machine. They will, however, keep your head warm and dry as you sleep due to their protective qualities.

Pillows filled with feather have a firm yet fluffy feel, and their malleable characteristics mean that you can fold your pillow to accommodate your favourite sleeping position. The firmer nature of feather pillows means they are more suitable for back sleepers. Alongside this, feathers are highly insulating and breathable, supporting you as you sleep.

Find your perfect feather pillow at French Bedroom. Our Goose Feather & Down Pillow is filled with 85% luxury goose feather and 15% down and then covered in a soft, 100% cotton down proof cover - ready to be adorned with luxury bed linen.

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Down feel

The perfect alternative for those who would like to avoid using animal products, whilst still maintaining a luxurious and comfortable night’s sleep.

Down feel pillows are a luscious choice of pillow filling, made with polyester or cotton fibres that are spun in a way to mimic the properties of down. They stay soft and fluffy, in the same way down does, but are at a much lower price point. Down-feel is squishable and supple, but due to it being a man-made material, the fill will not compress or shift in the same way a down or feather pillow will.

Down-feel pillows can last a really long time when cared for properly and are much easier to clean than real down or feather, making them the perfect filling for those with busy lives or children with sticky fingers! They retain more heat than traditional pillows, so are ideal for people who like to stay cosy and warm in the night.

Create a bedroom sanctuary using our non-allergenic Down Feel Luxury Pillow which is filled with loose, fluffy clusters and then covered with a 230 thread count 100% cotton cover.