It’s that time of year where spiders and moths are making their way inside.
Check out our top tips for moth-busting & spider-proofing your bedroom chest of drawers.

Normandy 7-Drawer Shabby Chic Chest of Drawers

Autumn is here. The days are getting shorter, and the colder weather seems to be slowly but surely creeping in. With the increase in wetter weather, it sees an increase in creepy crawlies and other bugs making their way into our homes for shelter. We have seen multiple reports of large spider sightings in the UK, but how do we protect our luxurious French chest of drawers and the garments inside of them from being damaged by spiders and moths?

We have put together some tips for moth busting and spider proofing your chest of drawers this Autumn.


Peppermint is your best friend when it comes to moth and spider proofing your bedroom chest of drawers – and there are many ways it can be used. Peppermint oil is a great place to start. Spiders and moths steer away from peppermint and other essential oils. We recommend putting some drops into your fabric softener when washing your clothes, rather than directly spraying it onto the chest of drawers themselves. Not only will it make your drawers smell lovely and fresh – it will deter away any spiders or moths from hiding in them. You can also place a few drops of oil onto a cotton ball, and tuck this away in the corner of your drawers.

If you are worried about damaging your French furniture, dried peppermint also works just as well. Again, you can place a handful of dried peppermint into a sachet or place loose leaves among your clothes. It really does make them smell delicious!

You can also place some drops onto your windowsill to help deter them from coming into your home altogether.

Peppermint Oil and Leaves


The last thing you want is for a moth to eat through your favourite item of clothing or damage your beautiful new French chest of drawers. Cedarwood is a tried and tested way of repelling moths from your clothes. You can buy cubes or blocks of cedarwood and place these inside your drawers, in between your garments, in order to protect both them and the furniture. For the wardrobe, there are rings in which you hang around your coat hangers that will also do the same job. Often just used as a repellent for moths, cedarwood is also a good way of deterring spiders too due to its smell.


Often seen as an old wives’ tale, conkers are a safe and easy way of potentially deterring spiders. Although there may not be any significant proof that this works, we believe it is definitely worth a try. Again, you can place these inside your drawers, and they will cause no damage to the furniture or your clothing.

Lemon Peels

Dried lemon peels are another effective way of moth and spider proofing your bedroom drawers. Spiders and moths dislike the strong smell of citrus, so we recommend wrapping dried lemon peel in a cheese cloth and placing this into your chest of drawers. Make sure it is properly wrapped though so that it doesn’t stain.  You could also use lemon scented polish when cleaning – just ensure it is suitable for your furniture before you do so.

There are other methods for moth and spider proofing your chest of drawers, but we recommend being extra careful when doing so, so that you do not damage any of your furniture or clothes.

Lemon Peels