There is absolutely nothing better than cosying up in your luxurious French bed after a long day, and we’ve been thinking about all the ways that we can make our bedrooms the ultimate cosy slumberland for a good night’s sleep.

Everyone talks about having the perfect mattress, making sure the lighting is right, that it isn’t too hot or too cold; and although these things are very important – it is imperative that your bedding is right for you too!

We’ve put together some of our favourite pieces of luxury bedding in order to help you choose the perfect set for a cosy boudoir!

Luxury Quilted Bedding Sets

When we think of cosy luxury bedding sets, we think quilted, snug, soft and warm – and the Amortie Luxury Quilted set offers just that. If you are looking for a bedding that you can curl up and get lost in with a good book, this luxury French bedding is perfect. Not only is it quilted, it’s also made from the most beautiful modern velvet for that extra luxury feel. This bedding set is an absolute must for winter months and is available in three colours.

Pair with our Vispring 100% Hungarian Goose Down Luxury Duvet for exceptional warmth and comfort – we feel sleepy just thinking about it!

Luxury Bed Linen

When people think about linen, they automatically associate it with hot summer evenings – or their favourite summer dress. However, linen is the perfect bedding for keeping cosy in winter too. Made from flax plant, it is breathable and dries quickly – but more importantly it is a natural temperature regulator. So, although it may keep you cool in summer, it is also able to keep you warm in winter. We absolutely love our Lisbon Bed Linen, and the gorgeous French Blue is perfect for creating a cosy slumberland as the nights turn colder. Made from 100% linen, it is the ultimate in understated luxury linen!


We absolutely love bedspreads; we believe they are the perfect addition to any French bed – especially in colder months. As well as looking gorgeous, they can make you feel ultra-cosy too, adding extra layers to your bedding. We couldn’t recommend our Peachskin Quilted Bedspread in French Grey enough.  Awarded Best Buy Bedspread by The Independent Newspaper in October 2020, the Peachskin bedspread is just that – soft as a peach. It’s that gorgeous and cosy, you will want to take it everywhere with you. Another firm favourite of ours is the Plushious Emerald Green Velvet Quilted Bedspread – trust us when we say it is the ultimate cosy luxury.

Throws and Blankets

There is nothing that completes a cosy slumberland more than a luxurious throw. They look stylish, and they’re the perfect accessory for keeping you warm and snug on a cold winter’s night. We particularly love our Husky Brown Faux Fur Throw -it has a thick pile of long faux fur, coupled with a taupe faux suede reverse – absolutely divine. As well as keeping you cosy in your beautiful, upholstered bed and aiding the perfect night’s sleep, you can also bring it to the lounge to curl up in front of the fire. If faux fur isn’t quite your style, chunky knit blankets are a great option and help create the perfect homely bedroom. Our cosy wide knit ivory blanket is ideal for the ultimate night’s sleep!