Choosing a bed is a process that takes a lot of consideration. Your bedroom is your sanctuary and the furniture you choose should reflect this. The material your furniture is made from is also an important consideration.  

A bed is an investment, so it is wise to choose a bed made from high quality. For super king size beds, solid wood, including solid oak super king beds are clear favourites for several reasons:


Super king size wooden beds are great as they fit perfectly into most décor schemes. Choosing a trendy bed is great, but you may struggle further down the road when you want to redecorate and your bed lacks versatility. Natural tones will always be stylish and desirable, so opt for wood such as oak for a light and airy bed frame. We love the Love Story Natural Linen Upholstered Bed as it perfectly combines a solid oak bed frame with a delicate linen headboard, a guaranteed timeless piece.


Choosing a bed made from solid wood will ensure it stands the test of time by withstanding daily wear and tear and providing reliable support for your mattress. Oak and mahogany pieces of furniture tend to age into antiques, working hand in hand with the French Bedroom value of our pieces being the antiques of the future. Wood is also easier to repair than other options such as metal, negating the need for a replacement in the event that the bed becomes damaged.


Almost all of our solid wood super king beds are made from timber sourced from forests which are part of regeneration programmes, to protect our world’s precious limited resources. This also means that if you decide to part ways with your bed, it can be recycled at your local household waste centre, should you choose not to sell or donate it.


Super king size beds require more stability. They have longer slats, more surface area, and heavier mattresses than their smaller counterparts. For this reason, choosing a solid wood option is advisable and should lead to a more restful sleep, without squeaks and creaks when you move. Our Chateauneuf Rustic Rattan French Bed features a hand-carved frame from recycled mahogany and is topped with mahogany slats to ensure maximum stability. Part of the Chateauneuf Collection, it also has two styles of bedside tables to match for a complete look.