Welcome to your French Bedroom exclusive style guide for French-aesthetic rattan design ideas and inspiration. Take a few minutes to sit down with us with a cup of tea in hand as we help you to style that new rattan chair you’ve had your eye on but were unsure how to incorporate into your current bedroom set-up. Rattan is a timeless and stylish choice, discovered to be present in the ancient tombs of the pharaohs of Egypt, inspiring the Roman Empire, and working its way into Western style and culture. Find out more about how rattan is made here. However, we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to envision a rattan bedroom set and how to best style the intricate and textured nature so that it incorporates naturally into your current suite.

The elaborate and elegant weave of the rattan provides a stand-out texture which will capture the attention of any guest. Some may refrain from adding further texture, instead opting for smooth, white sheets, block coloured cushions, or tonal rugs to create a fresh and inviting space. We invite you to be brave and daring and expand your vision of the detail that rattan can hold. Some of us may be hesitant to purchase a rattan bed frame, conscious of how to choose perfectly accompanying bedside tables and chests of drawers, self-conscious of the line between ‘just enough’ and ‘too much’. Release your fears to the wind and let us introduce some key suggestions for styling your new bedroom rattan furniture.

Dip Your Toe In

Hesitant to commit to French rattan bed or rattan bedroom set? We recommend thoughtfully selecting a few matching pieces to integrate the rattan into your current boudoir. Investing in a high-quality rattan chair that can slot in easily to your existing furniture is an easy way to dip your toe into the wonderful world of rattan. This will provide a beautiful contrast in textures and will allow you to play around with styling either cushions or a throw with the natural tones of rattan weave.

Our gorgeous Hadeda collection includes both a chair and even a gorgeous 2-seater bedroom sofa which has long, elegant legs, leading up to a one-of-a-kind open weave rattan with a distinct criss-cross design. The Hadeda collection is handwoven by skilled artisans in rural Malawi, so you know you are receiving a high-quality piece of furniture created from the history, knowledge, and passion of generations of craftspeople, and makes it a great way to dip your toe into the world of rattan furniture.

Add the Hadeda Rattan Sofa to your existing bedroom furniture to create a serene and snug reading nook. As well as being a striking visual, rattan chairs, with their pliable and durable nature are comfortable to sit on. The Kalibu collection and its open weave reminds us of summer evenings, when the sunset playfully peaks through the leaves on the trees as a sleepy twilight breeze teases the hairs on our heads, providing a cool relief. Welcome summer into your bedroom year-round and, for added comfort, pair it with the matching Hadeda Natural Rattan Bench to really allow yourself to relax, unwind, and soften. Add one of our handwoven jute rugs to compliment the natural feel of the room. Style with cushions that match the current room theme and/or colour, and voilà! You have created a corner of your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary with the help of a rattan bedroom set.

Styling Your Rattan Bed

We have a comprehensive article detailing how to best style your rattan bed, but read on for a recap of our top-tips…

Rattan is so unique and distinctive in its colour and texture that we recommend accessorising your French rattan bed with matching bedside tables. Thankfully, we have equally gorgeous matching bedside tables for both our Chateauneuf and Normandy Rattan Beds so that you don’t need to hold concern over finding the correct colouring and texture to match your showstopping bed. We recommend buying your bed and bedside tables at the same time to ensure availability – as a stylish, timeless, and affordable material, rattan furniture doesn’t linger long before it is shipped out to its forever home!

Style your bed with crisp white sheets which complement the neutral hues of your rattan bed and that have a high thread count to exude luxury and elevate the timeless elegance of rattan furniture. On the other hand, our Chateauneuf Rustic Rattan French Bed can just as easily be paired with floral or botanical printed bed linen to project a fun, bohemian whimsicality into your suite. The refined style of rattan lends itself especially well to delicate vases with fresh flowers on bedside tables, as well as tasteful and opulent lighting.

The Finer Details

If you’re still not convinced of the delicate beauty of rattan furniture, guide your eyes towards smaller statement pieces that you can play around with to compliment your current aesthetic. Rattan bedside tables work well with many of our upholstered beds to achieve a sophisticated cosy, cottage-chic feel. Our Hadeda Rattan Side Table can be paired with our iconic Absolutely Bouclé Upholstered Bed / Boudoir Blanc White Cotton Bed to create a bright and tranquil haven. The rattan side table is densely handwoven for you to rest your reading glasses and your favourite book atop its surface, and it even has an extra shelf below the tabletop for you to store any further knick-knacks.

Create a cohesive look by dotting wicker baskets and plant pots around the room, gently bringing the natural feeling of outside into your bedroom. We promise, you will never have a better night’s sleep than when you bring the tranquil and refined nature of rattan into your bedroom. You may even take yourself by surprise and be convinced on an entire rattan bedroom set after seeing the effect on your bedroom!

Finally, have fun with styling your bedroom with rattan – see what works for your space and with the existing pieces in your bedroom, and let us know how you get on. If you need any advice or assistance, our in-house styling team are always happy to help!