You can have the most beautiful chest of drawers in your bedroom, but if the inside is a chaotic mess, then it can make your bedroom ambience a stressful one. So, if you’d prefer a serene start to your day, where you know what you want to wear and finding it is easy, and you can enjoy a cup of coffee knowing that you’re organised and put together, then carry on reading.

Empty your drawers

Start with an empty slate and it makes everything so much easier. Don’t be tempted to edit at this stage, as it can get confusing.

Assign a purpose to each drawer

Each drawer should have their own purpose. It could be that you organise by garment type, so a drawer for lingerie, a drawer for tops, a drawer for accessories. Or, you could organise by occasion, like workwear, casual, formal, work out. When you’re organising your drawers, it’s important that the system works for you, so feel free to try a number of different methods.

Then, depending on what system you’ve decided to go with, make sure you gather together your items and sort through what you want to keep, mend, gift or donate and throw away. Remember to give away items that are still wearable.

Make sure you can see everything

Make it easy to find what you want or need by getting rid of any layers. Rummaging through drawers equals a messy drawer that you don’t really want to reset every time you need a particular top. It can also mean that you’ll forget about the clothes at the bottom of the drawer.  

Instead, use organisational tools like utilising smaller boxes so you can lift out layers, or rolling clothes Marie-Kondo-style so you can see everything instantly.

Have a bedroom junk drawer

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have stuff in your bedroom that just doesn’t really have a place to live. That’s why we’re advocates of a bedroom junk drawer. You can look organised on the outside with minimal fuss. You have one in your kitchen, perhaps in your living room too, so why not in your bedroom? It could be tealights or candles that you like to swap out, bobbles, books you’re not enjoying, random tchotchkes that you seem to acquire (just us?).

All you have to do is to make sure that you sort through it occasionally!

Put everything back

Now to enjoy the new system you’ve devised! It may take a little while to get used to, as you may need to adjust where certain things live as you use it.

Don’t forget to style the top

With a gorgeous French style chest of drawers, you don’t want to use the top for storage purposes. Instead, use it as a styling moment. Popping something on the wall behind your drawers, like a mirror or a piece of art that you love, is the perfect starting point. Choose crystals, flowers, books and more to create a vignette that reflects you and your style. For a more in-depth guide on how to style your chest of drawers, check out our previous blog post.

How are you organising your drawers?