Adding a splash of Pink to our homes is nothing new, something we've been waxing lyrical about for a few years. With blush pink's rise in popularity over the last few seasons, and being one of Pantone's colours of 2016, the abundance of home accessories in our favourite hue has been ever expanding.

Pink's resurgence is largely due to the rise of the neutral base colour in interiors. With cool, clean greys and whites taking precedence over beige tones on our walls in the last 5 years - has allowed us to step into previously uncharted rose-coloured waters. Pastel pink tones might be synonymous with warmer seasons but we're advocating bringing our favourite colour into the chillier months, to elicit its warm properties and evoke a sense of cosy calm.

As ever, our interior preferences tend to follow our fashion choices and we love nothing more than cosying up in a pink cashmere jumper, a fluffy blush scarf and a rose toned chunky knit cardi. Here's some inspiration to brighten your wardrobe this autumn.

When we're in need of a pink-pick-me-up, we love heading over to see what Anna of Don't Cramp My Style interiors blog's been up to. Anna takes accessorising your home with pinks to dizzying nude heights. We asked her for her top tips on getting cosy pinks in your home.

"Despite it getting colder and day getting shorter, it's important to keep our homes positive with warm vibes. It's like bringing the last beams of sunshine we remember of summer to our homes. The best way, is to bring soft pinks and blush shades into our decor which mix with soft browns and cream shades evoking the feeling of falling leaves. Soft pastel pink cushions on your bed and a rose candle burning on your side table, will make you feel more inspired yet cosy during the colder days."

Our stylist's top tips for maximising pink's thermal properties:

Here's our perfect pinks for transitioning from balmy Summer evenings into crisp Autumn days...