Associated with romance and fairy tales, the four-poster bed is often seen as the epitome of luxury. Most often placed in the homes of kings and queens, a four-poster bed is a popular choice for those wishing to have a talking piece in their bedroom that produces a real wow-factor. 

It is no surprise that the historic four-poster bed is still coveted by many, but with a piece so luxurious, dressing it for the modern home can seem an impossible task. How do you make your style statement? Must four-poster beds look traditional and historical, or can they be modern? Can you adapt and change the style of the bed over time?

Here at French Bedroom, we adore the aesthetic a four posted bed creates. In fact, our very own Sassy Boo Boudoir Majestic Black 4-Poster Bed was featured Villanelle's Bedroom in Killing Eve Season 3! We love the challenge of styling a four-poster bed, and we want to help you fall in love with it too, so we’ve put together a handy guide with seven ways to style your new favourite piece of furniture.

Sassy boo bed featured in Killing Eve


Historically, the four-poster bed was created for nobility in the 13th Century. It was then decorated accordingly with gorgeous velvets, silks, and embroidery, allowing the owner of the bed to display their wealth through their choice accessories. In essence, the better the bed was dressed, the wealthier the owner was.

Opting for opulent fabrics and textures such as tapestries, velvets and satins trimmed with gold rope tassels will exude the traditional, royal look and have your bed looking as if it belongs in a 16th Century castle. We recommend going grand with your choice of accessories, using eye-catching pieces such as our Large Gold Peacock Table Lamp to sit beside the bed.  Pair this with a vibrant, velvet bed linen set or pure silk bed linen accompanied by an abundance of decorative cushions in order to complete the look.


Four-poster beds are the perfect addition to a romantic bedroom, as their charming nature pairs beautifully with everything feminine. We’re imagining draped voiles and strings of pearls, surrounded by feminine French furniture, dreamy full-length mirrors, vintage style silk linens and scented candles.

Simply placing two romantic, ornately carved white framed mirrors either side of the bed can create an illusion of a bigger bedroom, whilst also exuding French romance and luxury. The intricate, distressed swirls of our Le Jardin Rustic Wall Mirror pair perfectly with a romantic setting, keeping the room light and feminine. Dress the bed in delicate pinks, whites and creams, using sets such as our Romance Ruffle Cotton Bed Linen Set or Mulberry Silk Bed Linen by Gingerlily in Vintage Pink to tie the room together.

To enhance the look, try hanging a chandelier through the top canopy and cover it gently with tulle for a diffused romantic evening light.


When we think of cosy winter nights, we can picture a four-poster bed in the centre of a candlelit room with an open fire. Beside the bed would be a cosy sheepskin rug, and to keep with the cosy theme, the accompanying decorative pillows would also be sheepskin cushions. To create a cosy abode, place artwork that makes your heart happy on the walls – our personal favourite is the Cherry Blossom Vintage Artwork.

To dress the bed, choose brushed cotton bed linen to create a warm winter wonderland. Layer with faux fur throws such as our Chamonix Oatmeal Faux Fur Throw, as well as luxurious velvet bedspreads, like the Luxuriator Bedspread in Fawn Velvet, to create a bed you’ll never want to leave. A thick, high quality duvet and cosy pillows are also a must to ensure the ultimate cosy sanctuary is created (Will you ever get to work on time? Tell your boss it’s our fault!).


Although it’s not often thought of, you can certainly make a four-poster bed ooze modernity. Leave the frame undecorated and dress the bed with bold colours, using contrasting bedspreads and statement cushions. To create this look, we’d use accessories such as our Hibiscus Flora Handmade Throw or Meadow Blossom Cotton Quilted Bedspread, alongside cushions that make the room pop (we can see our Essence Velvet Cushions being perfect in every colour to complete this look!).

For fuss free styling, think natural textures and a minimal colour palette. Make sure your accessories also match the desired effect, pairing minimal, modern mirrors such as the Sweet Dreams Golden Wall Mirror with bold prints. Keep ornaments at a minimum – less is certainly more when it comes to a modern aesthetic!

Instagram worthy

We’ve all seen them. The dreamy, Instagram bedrooms we can only dream of re-creating within our own homes. Every wondered to yourself “How do they make it look so perfect?” - good thing we have the answers!

Akin to the flamboyant shop and restaurant doorways that line the prettiest high streets of the UK, to create the Instagram worthy bedroom of your dreams, dress your four-poster bed with delicate fairy lights, floral wallpaper, vines, and fresh spring flowers. Instagram worthy bedrooms are often neutral colours, referencing the natural outdoor world, so ensuring your beautiful bedroom matches this is a must.

Gentle ruffles and frays to add texture and visual intrigue works wonders, so dressing your four-poster bed in plain bed linens with this additional sparkle can make a world of difference; an easy choice for us would be the either the Fray Fringe White Bed Linen Set or the Scalloped White Bed Linen Set. In continuation with bringing the outdoor world in, alongside creating unity with the vines and fresh flowers, choose a floral bedspread such as the Wildflower Quilted Bedspread to complete the look.

Ibiza vibes

Bring the holiday hues home with you and dress a white, four poster bed frame with shades of distressed whites and turquoise, paired with naturals and neutrals.

To create the Ibiza look, ensure a jute rug accompanies your four-poster bed for the natural finish. We adore jute rugs at the minute, so we have a wide collection. Our Wooden Beads Large Waterfall Pendant Light often has us reminiscing of long, sunny days in Ibiza, so it is a must in Ibiza styling. Dreaming of Ibiza is unified with dreaming of walking beside palm trees growing along a beachside, so make sure you also bring this into your bedroom by styling cushions that mimic this, like our Havana Palm Square Cushion or Bahama Palm Square Cushion. Beside your bed should be stylish yet eccentric bedside tables, such as our Mandala Petals Carved Side Table, as well as fun talking points like our Embroidered Pom Pom Pouffe.

Pair all of these items together and you’ll be feeling like you’re in Ibiza in no time, (although we can’t promise your bedroom won’t give you holiday blues!).

Teenage Style

Our final spotlight style for your dreamy four-poster bed is teenage style, but don’t be fooled, this isn’t just for teenagers!

Modernise and young-ify your bedroom using abstract art, animal lights, feather pendants and stacks of Vogue magazines to create that teenage pop - hanging a light such as the Glorious Gloria Pink Feather Pendant above your bed will create a teenage glow to be envious of.

Pair dark hues with bold, bright colours, dressing your beautiful bed in styles such as our Rainforest Reversible Bed Linen Set or the Eye of Horus Reversible Bed Linen Set. Alternatively, opt for a neutral background with fun textures by using bed linen such as our Pom Poms on Parade Bed Linen Set in Ivory – a big favourite in French Bedroom HQ! 

Now you’ve made your styling choice, it’s time to bring that dream to life. If you need any styling advice, or just want a second opinion on your choices, our team are always here to help. Helping customers since 2006 with a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot, we like to think we know a thing or two about styling, so get in touch and let’s create your dream bedroom together.