Natural wooden bedsides, white bedside tables, rattan bedside tables; cabinets, drawers and side tables: there is a lengthy list of choices for framing your dreamy French bed and it can be easy to get lost in the possibilities, or to imagine how it will look in-situ. Here, we will talk you through the world of rattan furniture – how it adds texture and depth to your bedroom, bringing the natural world into your bedroom; how to style your rattan bedside table; as well as the boundless benefits associated with the natural rattan material.

Effortlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary flair, these exquisite pieces not only add a hint of sophistication but also infuse your space with warmth and character. Join us on a journey where every curve and weave tell a story of refined luxury, offering a harmonious fusion of French chic and natural allure for your bedroom sanctuary.

The Benefits of Rattan

We love rattan as a raw material – it is a fast growing, sustainable material with a deep and rich history. Rattan baskets appeared buried alongside Pharaohs in ancient Egyptian tombs; the Roman empire painted the material and created beautifully weaved furniture.

It is easier to harvest and transport than other tropical woods; not to mention it is an incredibly malleable and robust material, making it easy to work it into whichever shape or weave is required. Using such a durable material means that any piece of rattan furniture you purchase will be an investment piece and something to pass down through generations.

As a strong and resilient material, rattan makes the perfect component to create a double-layered headboard, perfect for propping your cushions up and watching an Audrey Hepburn film of a Sunday evening. Similarly, it is an equally ideal material to use to create a load-bearing shelf in a rattan bedside table to house your heavier objects; your current ‘to-read’ pile; or your mounting number of skincare and self-care products for your nightly routine!

Natural Rattan Bedside Tables

Rattan can be used to add a touch of nature to your bedroom. If you wanted to add warmth and texture to your bedroom, we recommend the gorgeously handcrafted Hadeda Rattan Side Table. Despite not featuring the stereotypical set of drawers to hold your belongings, this side table has a sturdy rattan shelf underneath the surface tray to be able to store your nightly necessities. This collection is handcrafted in Malawi by artisans with an established history of crafting rattan furniture and accessories. To coordinate your bedroom set further, add the matching chair or bench with a white wooden framed bed, such as the Avenue Blanc French Bed and place a woven jute rug onto wooden floorboards for extra cosiness and a feeling of cohesiveness around your room.

Painted Rattan Bedside Tables

Taking inspiration from the legacies of the Roman Empire, we have a painted rattan bedside table, which takes the form of the gloriously adorned L'Amour 2-Drawer Bedside Table. Painted in a fawn grey with ivory floral detailing and scroll motifs, this bedside table is extra special and boasts not only two drawers but also a rattan shelf underneath for additional storage.

The Amour Collection is beautiful, and due to its unique nature, we think it works best as a set! However, it would work equally well as side tables to a white or ivory coloured bed frame. The rattan shelf underneath the drawers provides depth and texture to spice up the styling of your white bed frame. 

Alternatively, opt for all white furniture with the classic Provençal 2-Drawer White Rattan Bedside Table. This is a bestselling bedside table for a reason: whilst providing a comforting natural feeling through the use of the rattan shelf, the white rattan bedside table feels clean, minimalist, and timeless in its use.

Rococo-Inspired Rattan

Last but definitely not least, we couldn’t discuss rattan bedside tables without mentioning the extravagantly designed Palais de Versailles Gold Bedside Table. Inspired by the French classicism of King Louis XIV and the design of the Palace of Versailles, this bedside table is handmade from mahogany, includes gold gilding, as well as ornate detailing around the bedside table and its cabriole legs.

If you love ‘Royal Core’ and want to introduce some more lavish accessories and furniture items into your home, this is the bedside table for you. Whilst many people associate rattan with the natural browns and beiges that accompany wooden furniture, this bedside table provides a reworking of this expectation. Introducing gold into your home piece by piece is a perfect way to blend Royal Core into your contemporary home and inspire empowerment.

Connect your new gold painted rattan bedside tables with the rest of your room by dotting gold accent pieces around your home. We love the dainty yet striking Peacock Art Deco Gold Fire Screen to complement your new gold bedside table. Adding a gold framed mirror to your room is another fabulous way to establish your royal style. Opt for the Glorious Gilt Mirror for a full-length option, or the Parisian Quatrefoil Wall Mirror if you’re looking to clear the floor space.

In the immortal words of William Shakespeare from Henry VI, "Fearless minds climb soonest unto crowns." Embrace this sentiment and invite a touch of royalty into your life. Be bold and embark on a journey where regal elegance intertwines seamlessly with everyday luxury.