In the artistry of bedroom décor, every element contributes to the ambiance, reflecting both personal style and timeless sophistication. Among the array of choices, the wooden bedside table stands as an enduring emblem of grace and functionality. At French Bedroom, we understand the significance of this essential piece, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and imbued with the warmth of natural wood. In this exploration, we delve into the realm of wooden bedside tables, guiding you through the nuances of wood types, durability, style, and care, to help you select the perfect complement to your sleeping sanctuary. Whether you are looking for a bedside made from oak wood, reclaimed mahogany, pine, or pale ash wood, let us help partner you with your ideal wooden bedside cabinet.


Stealing the spotlight for solid oak wooden bedside tables, our traditional Love Story 2-Drawer Bedside Table is suitable to pair with any of our awe-inspiring Love Story beds, and is available in a smaller, single-drawer size.

Renowned for its durability, oak is a hardwood which is incredibly strong and resistant to impacts, breakages, spillages and humidity damage, making it a perfect choice if you are searching for a bedside table to carry you through the years and be passed down through generations. The Love Story bedside table has a satin finish which highlights the glorious medullary rays in the wood. Medullary rays can be seen as the lifeforce of the tree before it was harvested for it’s intended use, otherwise known as “growth rings”, where the sap of the tree would be transported around the trunk. As a collection which is inspired by the love we have for our natural world, this wooden bedside table is a poetic and romantic choice for all nature-lovers. Order your sample today to see the lure of the medullary rays for yourself.

The finish of this collection is extremely unique, and it can be hard to match the colour and finish exactly, so we recommend selecting the matching Love Story 3-Drawer Chest to create a feeling of ‘togetherness’ in your bedroom. Pair this wondrous collection with a chandelier which celebrates nature in equal measures. We love combining the poetic nature of the Love Story collection with the expressive charm of the dainty Midsummer Night's Dream Rustic Metal Chandelier. This chandelier evokes thoughts of Shakespearean romantic comedies and is reminiscent of the passage of time as the leaves transition from green to gold in Autumn.


On the note of romantic furniture choices, our iconic Chateauneuf Rustic Bedside Table will perfectly suit any cottage with low, exposed beams, and wooden floors, but will look at-home in any décor or aesthetic.

Made with reclaimed pine, this wooden bedside table is one that you can be proud of owning. The pine wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests, making it an environmentally friendly option for your new bedside cabinet, as well as being lightweight enough to move around your bedroom to be able to style and restyle as your aesthetic changes through time. Whether you want to create a cosy bohemian vibe or to create your own contemporary French chateau, the Chateauneuf Rustic Bedside Table is a wonderful option for framing your new French bed. 

Accessorise this bed in the rustic style by adding the Ananya Green Scallop Rug for warmth and texture and one of our True Grace Candles for ambiance.

Ash Wood

Moving onto one of our newest collections, the Gustavian Bedside Cabinet. This is a tremendously special choice of wooden bedside cabinets, as it is designed to age with you throughout the years.

Made from pale ash wood, which is a solid hard wood, the ash wood is distressed to emphasise the natural grain. After this, it is then finished with a very slight grey wash to soften the grain; with the end result being an eye-catching and graceful raw wood finish. Due to the light and natural finish, the colour will season and will be susceptible to all the natural changes wood can see, from human touch, day to day use, and sunlight. All these factors contribute to the development of its character over time and paves the way for these pieces to become antiques in their own right. There is something very moving about a piece of furniture which ages alongside you, making it a symbolic and touching choice of bedside table.

As this wooden bedside cabinet is made with a solid hard wood, it is again extremely durable, and is built to last, with pine frame inners for the drawers, and dovetailed joints for increased robustness.

Complete the look with crisp, white bed linen, such as our high-quality White Pleat Bed Linen Bundle, to compliment the pale colour of the furniture and accent this with a green bedspread and matching cushions to conjure memories of the smell of freshly cut grass in springtime. We are loving the refreshing Hermione Bedspread in Sage Verte paired with the Leaves & Ruffles Cushion for added texture and a splash of colour.

Nurturing Nature

As custodians of nature's bounty, wooden bedside tables require gentle care to preserve their natural beauty and lustre. With proper maintenance, these exquisite pieces will continue to grace your bedroom for generations to come. To maintain the integrity of the wood, we recommend regular dusting with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any surface debris and prevent scratching. For deeper cleaning, a mild solution of water and gentle soap can be used, followed by thorough drying to prevent moisture damage. By investing a little time and care, you can ensure that your wooden bedside table remains a cherished centrepiece of your bedroom sanctuary, radiating warmth and elegance for years to come.

In conclusion, the selection of a wooden bedside table is a reflection of both personal taste and practical considerations, encompassing durability, style, and care. At French Bedroom, our curated collection embodies the timeless allure of natural wood, offering a symphony of elegance to elevate your sleeping sanctuary. Whether you're drawn to the classic rustic charm of pine wood, or the sophisticated appeal of oak, our exquisite pieces promise enduring beauty and functionality. Our in-house styling team love to help make suggestions for your bedroom renovation, so feel free to get in touch to create a bedroom retreat that exudes timeless elegance and grace.