It is officially big coat, scarf, and hat season. Whilst the days are short, the nights are seemingly eternal and relentlessly dark. Whilst winter doesn’t officially reach us until 21st December, now is the perfect time to pull up the drawbridge, light the fire, and begin creating a luxurious and cosy French winter wonderland, or should we say féerie hivernale, in your own boudoir. There are many ways you can get your bedroom feeling ultra -festive and snug. Adorn your French bed in luxury bedding sets, create the perfect ambience with intricately selected lighting, and apply the finest finishing touches with carefully selected home accessories.

Luxury Bedding Sets

Golden Arboretum Bed Linen Set
Create an evergreen theme with our Golden Arboretum Bed Linen Set

Choosing the right designer bedding can transform the atmosphere of your bedroom entirely. Swap your light summer bedding set for a heavier, thicker and cosier fabric. Dark coloured bedding sets work really well for winter. We particularly love our Amortie Luxury Quilted Bed Linen Set. It comes in many colours, but we favour the gorgeous Emerald Green for the winter months; it’s ideal for creating a French winter wonderland. If Emerald Green isn’t the tone to match your existing colour scheme, the Lisbon Bed Linen Set in Slate Grey is a gorgeous alternative. Linen is cool in summer and warming and cosy in winter too.


Cushions are the perfect accessory for adding an intimate feel to your home, whilst creating a warm and welcoming ambiance in your boudoir. Our new Mongolian sheep cushions are absolutely stunning, and the perfect accessory to your winter wonderland. Scrumptious and irresistible, they come in 5 colours – the natural being a stunning addition for winter. Not going to match your décor? We have a huge range of luxury cushions to add the finishing touches to your home.

Fire Screens

Finish off an art deco theme, with our Peacock Art Deco Gold Fire Screen

We love being able to pop the fire on and snuggle down in the winter months, and if you are lucky enough to have a roaring open fire in your bedroom, it is ultra-comforting. If the heat isn’t enough to encourage you to get settled in, the subtle crackling and popping will ensure you sink into a truly restful sleep. Fire screens are stunning, whilst doing a fantastic job of protecting flooring and furniture from sparks and embers. Our Grey Wash Metal Fire Screen gives the most wonderful French Winter Wonderland feel, whilst being ultra-stylish too.


Our Cottontail Grey Throw with a couple of our luxury cushions
Our Cottontail Grey Throw with a couple of our luxury cushions

Cosy throws are absolutely perfect for adding those all-important finishing touches to your bedroom in winter. Not only do they look gorgeous, they keep you warm and are perfect for curling up with a book and a hot chocolate too. Our cottontail throw is scrumptiously soft, and goes with almost any style of room and luxury bedding. We stock a wide range of luxury blankets and bedspreads, so browse our collection for find the perfect accompaniment to your French Bed and bed linen.

Candles and Diffusers

The Charmer Scented Candle by Sandy Bay
Masculine Fragrant Luxury Scented Candle
The Charmer Luxury Scented Candle has a fragrance that is indulgent, deep, and rich.

We just love all the gorgeous smells and scents that spring to mind when we think of Christmas, from cinnamon and pine needles to delicious fig. Candles and Diffusers help to create the scents of a rustic French winter wonderland. Our Spiced Lorangerie Luxury Reed Diffuser is a deep, spicy and alluring fragrance, and instantly transports to a Christmas scene. It has notes of star anise, clove, forest walks and bark – delightful!


Nothing short of a fairy-tale, our Titania Chandelier is named after the queen of the fairies in Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. She is a very proud creature and a force to contend with.
Nothing short of a fairy-tale, our Titania Chandelier is named after the queen of the fairies in Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.

Chandeliers are stunning all year round, but they look particularly magical at Christmas. You can decorate them in many different ways, from fairy lights to ribbons. We particularly love garlands, and you can create absolutely gorgeous cedar garlands at Christmas time. The essence vintage large chandelier is beautiful, and you can pop in red cherries and sprigs of cinnamon for an easy festive accessory.