With the name ‘bedside table’, it may seem that there is only a single purpose for these versatile and compact pieces of furniture. Of course, traditionally, we imagine a matching pair of antique or super sleek bedside tables on each side of a bed, however there are many ways we can repurpose and utilise them.

Living Room Side Tables

Place at each side of your sofa for a balanced look, with a table lamp placed on each surface. If you like to unwind in front of the television in the evening, this will give you somewhere nearby to place your cup of tea or glass of wine, without having to reach for the coffee table. To further maximise storage potential, a bedside table with a drawer, such as the Chateauneuf Rustic Single Drawer Bedside Table will act as the perfect side table to store remote controls, spare coasters and any trinkets.

Bathroom Storage

Many modern bathrooms lack usable and practical storage space. We also tend to avoid clutter in our bathrooms to ensure a calm and mindful space. Use a bedside table with a built-in cupboard to add extra storage to your bathroom, allowing for discreet storage of large toiletries, such as hair products and bath soaks to keep windowsills and bath edges clear. We love the Gustavian Bedside Cabinet, as the light distemper finish lends itself to coastal themed bathrooms. 


If you have a small but unused space in your home that you’ve been trying to find a use for, why not turn it into a reading nook? To make the most of the space, place a compact yet cushioned chair alongside a bedside table, which can be used to hold your books, glasses and maybe even a reading lamp. Compact spaces may not always allow for regular bookshelves, so the addition of a petite bedside table ensures the space doesn’t look or feel overcrowded.

Floral Arrangements

Plants and flowers can have complex needs and require very specific conditions to thrive; away from direct sunlight, in a moist environment, avoiding heat sources – the list is endless. A bedside table is a great alternative to windowsills, console tables or some of the other surfaces you may use for your potted friends. Bedside tables are often compact and light, meaning you can move them around the space or from room to room, depending on the needs of your plant. For those of us who have a sunroom, the Hadeda Rattan Side Table is perfect for perching small plant pots on.

Home Office Storage

With many of us opting for remote or hybrid work models, we have adapted our living spaces to facilitate home working. For some of us, we have chosen compact desks if we don’t have a dedicated home office – which can easily become cluttered. A bedside table is small and discreet enough to sit underneath even the most compact desks and acts a space to store stationery, documents and could even double up as a surface to place a small printer on top of, without reducing your all-important desk space.