If there’s one thing we’re passionate about at French Bedroom, it’s styling. Each of our pieces of furniture has been carefully designed with timelessness, elegance and femininity in mind, and each of these pieces can be styled to suit your desired aesthetic and express your personality. To complement our furniture, we also offer a mélange of bedding and home accessories, so your entire French Bedroom can be designed with as much ease as possible.

One piece of furniture which can often be overlooked is the bedside table – a place we empty our pockets onto or use to house our digital devices. There are so many ways we can use this additional storage and surface space to elevate our décor and create the perfect French Bedroom.

French style bedside tables and cabinets are made from high quality wood, which are often stained or distressed to elevate the finish and create the classic romantic elegance that is synonymous with luxury and antique pieces.

Choose a bedside table with drawers or a cabinet to store items that may otherwise create clutter, such as glasses, medication, and the book you are currently reading.

To tie your bedside tablescape in with the rest of your décor, tap into the existing colour scheme, and add a variety of heights and textures to create the French Bedroom aesthetic. Our stylists love to achieve this look with vases, faux foliage, ornaments, and antique books.

Utilise the tabletop space for both style and practicality. Add a table lamp to create relaxing mood lighting, which can be turned off from the comfort of your bed. Our Avenue Blanc Grande Bedside Table offers a discreetly removable top, perfect for doubling up as a breakfast tray for those slow weekend mornings.

If you’re passionate about scents, add scented candles, diffusers or oil burners which can be swapped out seasonally or, if you like your scent to match your mood, as often as you desire.

Ultimately, styling is a fun and simple way to easily switch up your space, whether that’s what sits on your bedside table or how you dress your bed. Don’t forget that our team of stylists are always on hand to offer bespoke styling advice!