Bedroom styling is the perfect opportunity to express your personality and individuality in a space that is your own. Creating a modern look in the bedroom will likely keep the space free of clutter, allowing you to refresh your mind when you turn in for the night and feel clear headed in the morning.

Our stylists have shared their top tips for styling your bedside table or cabinet in a modern way.

Statement Pieces

Use a single statement piece to attract attention by adding visual interest. Abstract, oversized vases or a quirky lamp, such as the Boulevard Table Lamp, are a great addition. Style alongside a bed with an oversized headboard for full impact.

Simple Colour Palette

Keep colour palettes simple and neutral. Choose a monochrome palette for a contemporary feel or opt for soft natural tones to create a clean aesthetic. We love the Avenue Blanc Petite Bedside Table for its chic look and versatility. Ensure any additions and accessories fit within your colour scheme for continuity. Fix artwork on the wall above the bedside table, such as the Tender Hands Wall Art, to add a touch elegance without adding more items on the tabletop.

Organisational Elements

The key to a perfectly styled modern bedside table is organisation. Choose a bedside table with built in drawers, such as the Normandy 2-Drawer Bedside Table to store your medication, glasses and any other trinkets away, to create a stress-free and clear space.

Layered Texture

A combination of textures will add depth and dimension, without introducing too many unnecessary decorative pieces. Consider a concrete lamp paired with a ceramic vase or a combination of wood and metals in varying heights and sizes.

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