Morning Coffee Musings

Welcome to Romantic Reveries Volume Une! Our new monthly series for those blissful Sunday mornings in bed, it’s filled to the brim with things we love. We’d be delighted if you’d join us as we enthuse about our latest discoveries and highlight goodies you might have missed this month.

It’s been busy here at French Bedroom, with lots of behind the scenes excitement, with a real romantic theme. We’ve launched a wallpaper collection with our talented friend Elizabeth Ockford, featuring naturally beautiful flower illustrations.

We’ve launched three brand new beds and bedside tables too – The Love Story Collection. A real love affair for our team who’ve been designing these truly unique beds since 2019.

We’ve even had a marriage proposal! It’s been a heart-warming month.

Luckily this volume is here to remind us all to take a breath, have a lie in and enjoy a slow Sunday morning.

I hope you enjoy getting to know us over your French toast!

- Editor

Sunday Discoveries

Wear; LoveShackFancy

The LoveShackFancy brand has been a favourite of ours ever since Georgia discovered it in LA. Their brand so beautifully mirrors ours, unapologetically feminine, pretty and romantic. We love the lace and botanical embroidery detail in the Titania Midi Dress.

Drink; Maison Mirabeau

We’re looking forward to meeting the Mirabeau teams at their pop up store later this month at Covent Garden’s Rosé Festival. Like French Bedroom, Mirabeau is the passion project of husband and wife, who’ve built their gorgeous business crafting fine rosé (and even pink gin!) in the idyllic French countryside with their family. 

Do; Find a Slice of Nature

There’s nothing like finding a moment in your day to enjoy nature. Good for the soul and for the mind, we especially like the movement and colour of flower gardens. One of our favourites is The Level in Brighton, where you’ll find open space to picnic and a flower garden awash with peonies, poppies and tulips all in full bloom. It’s like a mini version of the flower fields of Grasse.

J’Adore: Historical Romance Novels

A historical romance novel is everything you need and more for a restful Sunday, getting lost in simmering romance, twisting plots and debonair characters.

Seducing Ingrid Bergman by Chris Greenhalgh - Post-war Paris, the glamour of Hollywood, a secret (real-life) love affair between actress Ingrid Bergman and photographer Robert Capa. Rich and poetic.

The Josephine Bonaparte Collection by Sandra Gulland - A serious page turner, this trilogy gives you an intimate look at Josephine Bonaparte’s life before, during and after she becomes Napoleon’s wife.

Indigo by Beverly Jenkins – A slow burn romance with a strong, smart heroine, this book is set pre-civil war in the US, where our heroine is helping slaves escape through the Underground Railroad.

Sunday Brunch with Friends: Georgia

Today we’re joined by Georgia. Our figurehead at French Bedroom, she is the epitome of sophistication, femininity and determination.

Describe Your Perfect Sunday

My perfect Sunday has probably changed over the years, but right now? After a year of lockdowns, my perfect Sunday would start slow, in bed with a coffee before the children wake up. Then, we’d head out to our favourite brunch place and I would revel in that fact that my children can have whatever they want – and I won’t have to cook it! I can’t wait to see my wider family and close friends over Sunday brunch too, lots to look forward to!

What’s Your Favourite Part of Launching a New Collection?

Usually, my favourite part of launching a new collection is the designing – that part of the process is so creative. This time around, I would say that my favourite part has been the product styling and shoot.

The team has had a tough 12 months with the pandemic, and we’ve missed working together. The shoot meant that we could come together, play off each other creatively and have some fun. I even got my wedding dress involved with one of the team playing dress up!

Keep an eye on our Instagram to see the images, we’re sure that you’re going to love them.

How Would You Describe Romance?

To me, romance is subtle. So many people think it’s the big gestures and carefully crafted words, but I find romance isn’t about saying the right things. Instead, it’s making your person feel special and loved.

Each year for our wedding anniversary my husband gives me white hydrangeas, the flowers we had on our wedding day. I love them, and the memories they spark each year. I dry them out and if you look carefully, you’ll notice them in so much of my styling.  

Favourite Product of the Month

Your Afternoon Blog Post Omnibus

This month we met the maker of our gorgeous new wallpaper collection, Elizabeth Ockford, and discovered how she comes up with her designs and what her favourite flower is. Read the blog post here. We talked about the best ways to make your headboard wall a beautiful styling moment in our How to Match Wallpaper to Your Bed Frame blog post. We told the stories of our favourite French couples, from star-crossed lovers to ones that stood the test of time. If you’re looking for something to restore your faith in love, read this one! And finally, we looked at romantic storage solutions to turn your boudoir into something out of a chateaux (but without compromising on space for your bedroom essentials).

Words by The Girls at The FBC