A word that has been consistently in my mind this month is imbolc.  It’s a Pagan word meaning ‘in the belly of the mother’ that symbolises the halfway point between winter and spring. In Pagan and Wiccan tradition, this is when the seeds of spring are beginning to stir in the belly of Mother Earth. The sensation of expectation and hope is something I feel strongly this February, with the new season of rebirth just on the horizon, but still undetectable.

This forward-thinking has an influence on both my home and work life. It’s buying season at French Bedroom at the moment, so my team and I have been meeting our wonderful suppliers and manufacturers. The result is that we have exciting new collections on the horizon, which include a furniture collection finished in natural wood, and a range of gorgeous Indian block print bedspreads in gentle blue hues, completed with a collection of candles that look as beautiful as they smell.

A treat for the lovers of our sell-out success Sundar Scallop Rugs – we’ll be launching two new colours in the next few weeks. You heard it here first; an inside scoop exclusively for our RR readers!

The house has been busy this month with videos and photoshoots. We don’t use models; we prefer to shoot with friends, families, and people who have an authentic connection with our creations. This month we welcomed two families, we had such fun making pancakes and there was even a pillow fight!

Outside of the business, I was honoured to give a talk at a local school and hopefully provide some additional career choices to the children. It was a real pleasure; the energy and excitement from children is so infectious.

As a family, we’ve been enjoying a regular Sunday brunch, with a twist. As a way of spending quality time with the children, Ben and I sit on separate tables with each child.  It’s a great way to give them our total concentration, conversation and connection. We get to know all the nuances of their wonderful, if sometimes complicated, school lives.

We also had a birthday in the family this month! Our adorable puppy Noodles celebrated his first birthday with a meet-up of the puppies from his litter.

For Valentine’s Day, Ben and I went to hot yoga together, then enjoyed an easy stir-fry and a bottle of pink bubbles. Simple beats lavish for us every Valentine’s.

Finally, this month our hearts and minds have been with the families in Turkey and Syria. Our gratitude goes to the aid workers in their rescue mission. I’ve been touched by the stories of hope that have emerged. In the spirit of imbolc, I’m reminded that hope is one of the strongest and most powerful feelings we possess. It’s what keeps us going in dark times and ensures our survival. The broken cities will rise again, and the people will start to rebuild their lives, powered by their strong sense of hope, and our support.

You can donate through Direct Emergency Committee (DEC) here.

With love,




I love to support other female-led brands, and for dresses BA&SH is one of my faves.

Their joyful, Parisian style is unmistakeable and makes me smile every time I wear one of their creations.

The brand was founded by best friends Barbara Boccara & Sharon Krief, with a dream to bring their dream wardrobe to life, so that they could share it with other women.

I love the vintage 70s feel to this Suzanne dress. Plus, it is made with fabric from previous collections; upcycling in all its glory!


The Vintage Shop of Second Chances

Join the Au Lit Facebook group on Wednesday 29th March, where we will host a live virtual discussion with author Libby Page about The Vintage Shop of Second Chances, her latest novel.

This uplifting read centres around a trio of women across the world, who find themselves connected by a vintage clothing boutique.


Le Labo

Le Labo create unique scents with carefully chosen, fresh, natural ingredients. I fell in love with them when I was gifted a little bottle of their Santal 33 fragrance

A warm and addictively comforting scent, combining cardamom iris and violet with sandalwood, cedarwood, and other musky notes.


1. Describe your perfect Sunday

I love to sleep in, so my perfect Sunday would mean not leaving my nice warm bed until about noon! Then I’d treat myself to my favourite meal, which is a delicious brunch. Who doesn’t love a healthy eggs and avo bagel with a side of cake? I'd spend the rest of the afternoon binge-watching a new series. At some point I’d go for a nice long walk whilst listening to music or a podcast, and then spend the evening very chilled with an early night.

2. How did you end up working at French Bedroom?

I guess you could say I was talent-spotted! I was freelancing for the team, creating some illustrations for their beautiful products and other digital content. I was invited to a photoshoot where I helped create content, and was then asked to officially come on board!

3. What's your favourite French Bedroom creation?

I think the Love Story Carved Upholstered Viscount Bed is absolutely stunning. The wood carvings together with deep buttoning on the headboard and the velvet upholstery create a beautiful, sophisticated look. 

4. What's your top tip for getting to sleep?

A must for me are my silk pillow cases and a great mattress topper. It’s been an absolute sleep game-changer for me. We spend so much of our life sleeping (ok, some more than others!) so why wouldn’t you invest in comfortable, quality bedding? My bedroom is my haven of relaxation.

5. What's your go-to guilty pleasure?

Country music. I absolutely love it! There’s something about it that is so fun, organic, and grounded. It makes me think about being with family and friends around a campfire and singing. No phones, no internet, just pure quality time.