In a first of its kind for the UK, we at French Bedroom have created a classic French bed with an unexpectedly modern, and quite literal twist: a reversible headboard.

The Love in Idleness Upholstered Bed offers two distinct yet complementary looks, making it possible to transform the design scheme of a room with a simple flip. You can choose from a serene floral damask on one side, and a fine ticking stripe in the same pale blue and ivory shades on the other.

Why make a French Bed reversible?

The designer, our very own Georgia Metcalfe, said: “We wanted this bed to reflect the evolving phases of our increasingly changeable lives. Now you can change the aesthetic of your bedroom as your mind, your dress, your plans, or your guests, change."

"We’re female designers (indecisive by nature!) so a reversible headboard was impossible to resist, with the chance to use both our favourite fabrics. The result is a product that gives you so much more; both timeless fabrics, one classic and one contemporary.”

Our lives are a series of transitions; in each new phase we find ourselves with different needs and embracing different styles. Floral damask and fine stripes are arguably two of the most timeless patterns in interiors – they will never date. We’ve also chosen a neutral colour palette to suit any home, from a new build to a listed cottage.

So, whether you are in your 20s or 30s buying your first home, or in your 60s or 70s redecorating the guest rooms for when the children (or grandchildren) visit, the timeless design of our Love In Idleness Bed is the perfect complement to all your interior styles in the years to come.

Where did the inspiration come from?

Love In Idleness was inspired first and foremost by you, our customers! We know the importance of versatility for our fellow interior design enthusiasts. It offers endless styling options, and an exceptional conversation piece for guests; still or sparkling? Red or white? Floral or stripe?

For our unique double-sided feature, we drew inspiration from both the past and present, to create a truly timeless design.

First used in Europe in the fourteenth century, damask became popular in French high society and in the royal palace. It’s a luxurious, lustrous fabric that is also highly durable, making it perfect for clothing and items in the home that get regular wear.

Needless to say, at French Bedroom we need little excuse to embrace royal core styling!

Stripes are also quintessentially French; if you think of Paris fashion, sun loungers in Cannes, the fields of Provence, the famously named Breton region – it is stripes galore. Both modern and classic, stripes never go out of style.

What are the design considerations for a luxury French Bed?

It’s our mission to create French style furniture with a timeless design.

We create luxury beds to be passed down through generations; a design that will grow with you throughout the decades, through life stages. The kind of design that will still be timeless when you have grandchildren, giving these pieces the chance to spend a second lifetime with them.

Into this consideration goes many elements. Among the first for Love In Idleness were the feet that could withstand a 180 ° turn!

Impeccable edging and seams are essential to make sure the visual transition from stripes to floral is, well, seamless.

Durable yet luxurious fabric is another must-have for our French style furniture. We want our French beds to stay looking fabulous in your boudoir for years to come.

How does it work?

Love In Idleness is crafted here in the UK by talented artisans using traditional methods. To flip the headboard, first – grab a friend!

Take an allen key and loosen the bolts on either side of the headboard. It will slide off when they’re loose enough.

With your friend, rotate the headboard to the desired view – modern stripe or classic floral – and slot it back into place, tightening the bolts with the allen key.

And voila! Your boudoir is ready for a new look.

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