As we move into the dark, colder months, re-styling your bedroom is a wonderful mood lifter. And what better way to lift your autumnal spirits and enhance your bed by adding soft, enticing cushions and complementing bedlinen?! With our luxurious range of 100% pure linen bed linen and cushions you can easily create a bedtime made in heaven! But how to style those beautiful cushions, we find out…

Natural Material Cushions

When making your choice, consider natural material; linens, cottons and wools are all 100% natural and breathable. Don’t forget about the stuffing too! Using duck feather is the best choice for a plump cushion, but if you (or your guests) are prone to allergies then a man-made filling is a better option.

For cushion care, it is best practice to remove the covers and give the insides a good bash to keep them even and plump. Stylists trick: when we style for our photoshoots we find that a hard and heavy drop onto a clean floor will instantly fill the cushion with air, plumping it immediately.

Styling Coloured Cushions

Don’t be scared to mix up colours, styles and sizes to create a layered, romantic, bohemian look. Being 100% natural linen, they will sit perfectly together in a relaxed way. Why not lift your mood with pops of bright colours - yellow and emerald green are both on-trend this season. Mixing varying shades of bold pinks with rich yellows to add drama and fun while making a fabulous design statement (below bottom right).

Consider your overall style. If you have a more parred back palette, for example monochrome then maybe bold pops of colour are out of your style and comfort zone starting from charcoal, to slate moving through to silver and then finally adding an ivory and pure white is the perfect way to add interesting elements to your bed.

Luxurious Finishing Touches

Once you’ve chosen your cushions, organise them on your bed in size order, with larger at the back moving to smaller at the front. Larger cushions are great peeking out from behind your pillows to add a dash of colour and texture. You can add another layer by introducing boudoir cushions in front of your pillows– perhaps in a soft velvet or sumptuous silk, to add a different dimension.

Once your cushions have been placed you can make sure they are plump and looking their best. At The FBC we’re not a fan of the ‘deep top chop’ which can give the pillows ‘ears’!  Instead, plump them gently from the sides or very gently from the top. Either way, just keep them looking luxurious in their natural state.  They are the finishing touches and should make you smile when you enter the room.

Just have fun and create a bedroom that suits you and your unique style! With layers upon layers of luxurious linen cushions and bed linen you’ll be longing for those long winter nights!

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