As cooler weather approaches, many of us will be approaching a task on our to-do list that we’ve been putting off for as long as possible. That’s right, the dreaded decision to open your armoire or chest of drawers and disturb the current status-quo of neatly folded summer linens, creating armoire agony as you try to somehow make winter quilted bedspreads and throws flat, and stackable.

We’re here with our guide on how to organise your bedroom this winter, packed with storage solutions to help you avoid armoire anxiety.

How To Audit Your Luxury Armoire

Summer was easy breezy, with lightweight clothes and luxury bed linen sets in fresh linen and cotton. In short, easily foldable and flattened.

Winter is warm quilted bedspreads, chunky knits, faux fur throws and down-filled duvets. Not exactly space-saving, no matter how great they feel to snuggle under.

The first thing we need to do is audit that armoire or chest of drawers. Look at all your winter linens and identify those that you don’t use anymore. We all know the ones.

The printed bed linen set you bought on a whim, but now no longer fits with your décor. The cushion with a stain that you keep meaning to clean.  The linens that have been nibbled at by moths and mites from the one time you forgot to include a lavender sachet.

Take a long, hard look at everything from your armoire and separate them into piles of Keep, Clean, Donate.

Keep your essential knits, bed linens, and blankets.

Clean what you can. (Maybe the stain on your favourite cushion will finally budge)

Donate the rest to charity or sell it online.

If you find you still don’t have the space you need, consider upgrading your wooden armoire to a larger French wardrobe.

Alternatively, a stylish solution is to purchase a matching chest of drawers or cabinet. Avenue Montaigne is a furniture collection in a timeless Gustavian style; beautiful as stand-alone pieces or as part of a complete collection.

How to Maximise Storage in Your French Wardrobe

Our selection of luxury French armoires

So, now you have ruthlessly eliminated excess clothes and bed linen from your armoire or chest of drawers, how do you make sure you are maximising storage?

Step number one is to wash everything and ensure it is completely dry before being stored away. Make sure to check washing instruction labels and avoid a high spin cycle with soft and fluffy items such as faux fur throws and cushions, and bed linen with a high thread count.

Don’t store items in plastic bags. Plastic traps moisture and can lead to mould forming when left unchecked. The last thing you want to find when you open your luxury armoire for guests at Christmas, is that your best white bed linens have turned a less than snowy tone!

Fold bed linen and throws as flat as possible. This helps to avoid creases as well as increasing storage capacity, as more items can be stacked on top of each other. Instead of storing items in plastic bags, try wrapping bulkier soft furnishing in a simple ribbon; a solution that is pretty and practical!

Fragrance your wooden armoire with sachets of lavender and cedarwood. Not only do they smell great, but they are also natural moth and spider deterrents! For more tips, read up on How To Moth Bust & Spider Proof Your Bedroom Chest of Drawers

How to Wow With Winter Décor From Your Armoire

A stylish and warming tip for freeing your French armoire from some overcrowding this winter is to transform your home into a cosy sanctuary. Starting with the bedrooms, make sure each bed is adorned with a sumptuous faux fur throw.

Place cosy blankets on sofas in the lounge, and comfy cushions in the kitchen. Your guests – and your heating bill – will be sure to thank you.

Rugs are another great style hack for keeping bills down and guests cosy. Place a natural jute rug in bedrooms to protect toes from cold floors in the morning. Jute is durable and sustainable, and the natural tone fits with a range of décor styles. These rugs roll up for easy storage when needed.

Now you know how to organise your bedroom for winter with these easy steps:

  • - Conduct an audit of your armoire.
  • - After washing, fragrance your chest of drawers with lavender to deter moths.
  • - Save space in your armoire by decorating your home with cosy blankets.
  • - Invest in a matching chest of drawers for a stylish storage set.