How do you feel when you see green?  The connotations of the colour green are many and varied. Known as nature’s neutral, it is associated with calm and wellness, evoking the first days of spring and the feeling of energy renewed.  Think soft, velvet upholstered beds and natural rattan furniture. However, green can also be a bold, rich colour, conveying status, confidence, and wealth. Imagine a statement luxury chest of drawers or painted rustic tallboy making a space pop.

Fortunately, the scope of its psychological influence also extends to its styling powers.  Green is one of the most versatile colours with which to decorate a room, suiting a plethora of personalities, not to mention décor trends. Read on to discover our top tips on how to style with green!

For The Minimalist: Classic Styling With A Hero Colour

This is simple styling at its best. Work from a base of classic white bedding to create a chic and minimalist scheme around a central pop of colour. For this look, we focus on one ‘hero’ piece and build out with complementary colours in subtle, muted shades.

Here, the upholstered French bed takes centre-stage, styled with crisp white linens and muted sage cushions in natural cotton and linen.

For The Maximalist: Colour Weaving With Painted Furniture

As the latest trend of maximalism sweeps the nation, you may be wondering what’s the best way to embrace it in your home? Green is a great wonderfully versatile colour with which to build a maximalist look using a technique called colour weaving. Simply pick a colour and make sure it’s present in the different textures, patterns, and fabrics used within your room scheme.

We’ve started with a rich green velvet upholstered bed and added a backdrop of eye-catching patterned wallpaper in light green. Gentle sage cushions and green plants focus the eye on the bed and the high sloping headboard. A quilted bedspread in a neutral fawn tone, and some black & white accents complete the look.

The bedside tables and table lamps can also be kept neutral with materials such as rattan, or, if you’re feeling bold, why not incorporate some painted furniture? This forest green luxury chest of drawers with its high gloss finish is the perfect partner for a maximalist room scheme.

For the Nature Lover:  Soft Tones With Rattan Furniture

Use soft greens and natural wood textures to build a bedroom sanctuary where you can unwind.  Calming tones of green such as mint, sage, and olive can help create a haven from the busy outside world, aiding sleep and invoking a feeling of peace.

The key here is to incorporate as many natural materials as possible, to create the feeling of a connection with nature. We’ve chosen an upholstered bed with an elegant oak frame as the centrepiece for this look. Start with white luxury bed linen as a neutral base and add cushions in soft shades of green such as a sage stripe or an olive cushion in natural linen. Layer the bed with an oatmeal or sage green cotton bedspread. Build out with natural wood accessories such as bedside tables and table lamps then finish with a natural jute floor rug and wooden wall mirror.

For The Cosy Seeker: Bold Textures With An Upholstered Bed

Rich, tactile texture is the key to this characterful look, and you can’t get more temptingly tactile than a plump velvet upholstered bed. Use a deep forest-green velvet such as our Hunter Green Velvet Bed and pair it with sumptuous accessories.

We’ve chosen a gregarious leopard print faux fur throw and two sets of cushions in faux fur and brushed velvet, creating an inviting ambience of warm tones and rich textures. One for the seekers of all things cosy, the result is simply irresistible.

So, now you know how to style with green for four different personalities. To recap:

How to Style with Green:

- The Minimalist:  
Keep it simple with white styling and a ‘hero’ pop of colour.

- The Maximalist:  
Create a multi-green aesthetic through colour-weaving that makes a style statement.

- The Nature-Lover: 
Use soft greens and natural wood textures to build a bedroom sanctuary where you can unwind.  

- The Cosy-Seeker: 
Create an inviting ambience of warm tones and rich textures.

Which is your favourite technique?  Which style will you be trying at home?  Let us know.

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