As the latest episode from Season 3 of the BBC's award winning: Killing Eve, was shown last night we watched in anticipation for more than one reason.

For the past few months we had been keeping a secret about this show…. It turns out Villanelle (well, the show’s talented Set Director Casey Williams) is as much of a fan of the French Bedroom Company as we are of her! When designing Villanelle’s Barcelona apartment there could not be a more fitting bed for such a woman as the Sassy Boo Majestic four poster bed.   We watched with pride as Villanelle wandered around her apartment with her (our!) Sassy Boo four poster bed perfectly styled in plain sight.

There is no doubt that the fashion, cinematography and design of Killing Eve has that instant iconic feel about it (we're swooning over her dresses by The Vampire's Wife!), and even though we are not sure if we should like Villanelle, we certainly admire her unapologetic sense of style. Her Barcelona apartment did not let us down.

BBC's Killing Eve: Villanelle's Sassy Boo Four Poster Bed

Strong and proud, the Villanelle-approved black Sassy Boo rococo bed is framed with four twisting pillars that give this luxury bed its wow factor, each topped with a traditional and ornate acorn finial and a relief pattern at the base. The headboard has a scroll-top edge and the footboard has a multiple-arched design.

Killing Eve added one of FBC's best-selling Plushious Velvet Bedspreads in a dreamy creamy flat white coffee tone that is cosy and enveloping, conjuring up the feelings we associate with a mug of flat white cupped within our hands. Smart but also relaxed, the colour is best described as caramel. Made from the softest pure cotton velvet with hand-embroidered dots densely separated on the borders and more sparsely spaced on the square central section of the bedspread, with a 100% cotton reverse.

Topped off with the enchanting Leighton Ochre cushions - a signature print by Oasis, it features a botanical trail of roses, daisies and small birds printed on a beautifully soft velvet with a fringed trim edging. These complete the fierce and unique look of Villanell's bedroom with texture in luxurious fabrics and a combination of materials that don’t fight to be seen. Each piece adds something to the mix and they come together to be greater than the sum of their parts - the same could be said of the Killing Eve series!

Commenting on her design of Villanelle’s apartment, Set Decorator Casey Williams said: “I was looking for key pieces that would pull together the Moorish style and incredible Catalonian design within the Barcelona apartment. Geographically this is a dream location to dress as I was able to pull in both French and Italian design also to create a chic yet eclectic look.”

There might not be many psychopaths we want to emulate but a drop of Villanelle’s decisiveness, a petit peu of her ability to not be consumed by what others might think and her courageous and bold style choices, could help us find what we truly desire.